Oracle ULA

3 Types of Oracle Unlimited License Agreements

What are Oracle Unlimited License Agreements?

Oracle Unlimited License Agreements are:

  • Contracts allowing unlimited use of specific Oracle products.
  • Time-bound (typically 2-3 years) with some exceptions.
  • Types include Oracle ULA (time-limited), ELA (volume-based), and PULA (perpetual).
  • End with certification to determine perpetual licenses owned.
  • Designed for large-scale deployments.

Three Types of Oracle Unlimited License Agreements

  • Oracle ULAs: Contracts that allow unlimited deployment of specific Oracle technologies for a set duration.
  • Oracle ELAs: Volume-based agreements with some deployment restrictions.
  • Oracle PULAs: ULAs that offer perpetual rights without time constraints.

Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreement)

The Oracle ULA is a favorite among large corporations planning significant Oracle deployments. It offers:

  • Unrestricted Deployment: During the ULA term, typically 2 to 3 years, organizations can deploy various Oracle products without additional costs.
  • Certification: At the end of the ULA term, organizations must certify their deployments, locking in the number of licenses they’ll continue to pay support on.


  • Active Management: ULAs require meticulous planning and ongoing management to ensure maximum value.
  • End of Term: Organizations must be prepared for certification to avoid potential compliance pitfalls.

Oracle ELA (Enterprise License Agreement)

The Oracle ELA is akin to a volume purchase agreement but has unique features and challenges.

  • Volume Discounts: ELAs can seem cost-effective initially due to volume-based discounts.
  • Processor Cap: Unlike ULAs, ELAs have a cap on the number of processors an organization can deploy.


  • Support Costs: ELAs consolidate existing support contracts into a single Customer Support Identifier (CSI). This consolidation can make it challenging to reduce Oracle support in the future.
  • Deployment Limitations: The processor cap can be a limitation for organizations with expansive deployment plans.

Oracle PULA (Perpetual Unlimited License Agreement)

The Oracle PULA is a game-changer for organizations looking for long-term Oracle deployments without the hassle of time-bound restrictions.

  • Perpetual Rights: PULA offers unlimited deployment of specific Oracle products without time constraints.


  • Upfront Investment: PULAs might require a more substantial upfront investment than other agreements.
  • No Certification: While this might seem advantageous, organizations must manage their deployments effectively to avoid future compliance issues.

Comparing the Agreements:

  • Oracle ULA: Best for large corporations with significant deployment plans.
  • Oracle ELA: Suitable for organizations looking for volume discounts but can work within deployment limitations.
  • Oracle PULA: Ideal for those seeking long-term deployment without time constraints.


Is Oracle ELA genuinely unlimited?

No, Oracle ELA has a processor cap, limiting the number of processors you can deploy.

Which agreement offers the best value?

It depends on your organization’s deployment plans, budget, and long-term Oracle strategy.

Can I reduce support costs under any agreement?

It’s challenging due to consolidating support contracts into a single CSI.

Are there different price tags?

Not necessarily; pricing for ULAs is based on business specifics.

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