The Oracle audit defense service is for companies who have been audited by Oracle and want help to review their Oracle licensing before the audit begins. The sooner you contact us, the better the outcome will be for your company

Oracle license audit risks


That you have deployed Oracle software in virtualized environments.


Not counting Oracle licenses correctly or misunderstood a licensing policy.


Deployed on a public cloud platform and not fully understood the Oracle licensing policy documents.


Misunderstanding or not considering licensing definitions or contractual restrictions that may exist.

Oracle audit defense benefits

We simulate an official Oracle license audit of your Oracle software estate, and we will provide you with a license position, before the Oracle audit begins. If any financial risk is identified, we will provide you with recommendations for how to remediate and if required, negotiate with Oracle to minimize the costs of your company.

Oracle audit defense service includes:

Provide you and your team with an Oracle license audit defense strategy from day one in our engagement.

We support your team in all communications with Oracle during the Oracle audit process.

Establish an Oracle license position for your Oracle software, we can analyze Oracle LMS scripts.

Provide recommendations on remediation of financial risks that we identify.

Negotiation support to limit the audit scope and minimize risk.

Provide Oracle licensing expertise to you and any legal counsel that you have assisting you.

2nd opinion review of the Oracle license audit report that is issued to uncover mistakes made by the Oracle audit team.

We support your team in all communications with Oracle during the Oracle audit process.

Oracle audit commercial support including benchmarking and contract review to support you in reaching the best possible commercial outcome.

Are you under audit from Oracle? – Contact us to discuss how we can support you with an successful Oracle audit defense strategy.

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management. Redress is recognized as the leading Oracle licensing experts providing Oracle license compliance, Oracle audit defense, Cloud transition and Oracle ULA services. Serving clients in 41 countries across The US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Japan and Brazil.

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