Oracle License Audit Defense Service

Oracle audits are used by Oracle’s sales teams to drive business for a reason. Audits are sure to expose just how difficult it is to manage Oracle software and just how easily licensable features are deployed without anyone being aware of it or able to detect it. We help clients uncover and remediate these unknowns throughout the audit process from audit notification to audit close. We also help you to manage the Oracle sales and audit team, who’s only interested in maximizing the opportunity at hand.


  • Compliance: We analyze Oracle’s scripts which will give you an accurate understanding of your license position.
  • Remediation: We advise you on compliance issues and how to resolve them.
  • 2nd opinion: Oracle auditors makes mistakes. We help you to find them to avoid or minimize any negative financial impact.
  • Manage: We help you manage every stage of the Oracle process from the audit notification letter, through data collection, reporting, negotiation and settlement. This helps you align internal stakeholders and control scope.
  • Advisory: We help you to understand your options and the financial implications.
  • Negotiation: We guide you on audit trend and practices. We provide you alternative and optimized licensing scenarios.




Redress compliance are experts at Oracle License Management.

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