Oracle license compliance actions

Oracle ULA license optimization service includes:

An Oracle license review including financial risk associated per product.

Oracle ULA maximization strategy to get the most value from your contract before it expires.

Recommendations for solving Oracle compliance issues.

Oracle ULA certification strategy that will make the certification succesful and easy.

Oracle ULA advisory services to help you in all your communications with Oracle.

Oracle ULA to public cloud. If you have deployed in public cloud, we help you navigate the ULA certification rules.

At the end we leave you with a strategy for how to reduce your Oracle support fees after the ULA is certified.

We will complete the Oracle ULA certification documents for you. Providing Oracle with a credible report will significantly speed up the certification process.


Our Oracle ULA License Optimization Service

Project Kick-Off

Agree on timelines for performing all the included tasks. Set up a project governance model with key dates for completing the required activities.

Oracle ULA Contract Review

We analyze your contract in detail to build your Oracle ULA strategy, renewal or certification. We review to identify any potential risks that you might encounter at the end of the Oracle ULA.

Oracle ULA Advisory

As soon as your engagement starts with us, we act as your advisor and will support your team in all communications with Oracle.

License Assessment

We use Oracle LMS scripts to measure all your Oracle deployments. We will produce a ULA license report and any deployments of non-ULA software.

Maximization & Remediation

While we help you with ULA maximization strategies, we will provide recommendations for remediating deployments that can cause a financial risk.

ULA Certification

We complete the Oracle ULA deployment reports for you. Producing a world class licensing report will make Oracle quickly accept the ULA certification.


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