Oracle license management services

We work with clients in all areas of Oracle license management. Common challenges are limited or no access to independent Oracle licensing expertise. This is forcing clients to rely on inaccurate inventory tools, advise from Oracle partners and resellers who is making money on software license sale. We depart from this inherent conflict of interests as we are fully independent of Oracle and we only make money on our Oracle licensing expertise.


  • Compliance: We provide and analyze Oracle styled audit scripts which will give you an accurate understanding of your license position.
  • Remediation: We advise you on compliance issues and how to resolve them.
  • Knowledge transfer and training: We help your team become Oracle license experts.
  • License optimization: We help you identify cost effective ways to rebalance your license need.
  • Contract optimization: We analyze and evaluate your contracts and compare them to the best in the market.
  • Advisory: We help you to understand your options and the financial implications.
  • Negotiation: We benchmark offers and share market knowledge on trends and business practices.
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