Our Company

Redress Compliance was founded by former Oracle executives
At Oracle we worked in different licensing management and contract negotiation roles. We were responsible for leading sales teams with multi-million-dollar targets, selecting customers for audits, negotiating license and cloud agreements, creating strategies for ULA customers.

Why did we leave Oracle?
We realized early on that customers were struggling with the same reoccurring pains. Compliance was always a problem, the support maintenance fees continued to climb even when usage was going down, and there were little to no knowledge about the discount and contract terms you can negotiate. We had the information advantage.

We decided to change
After Oracle we got involved in building up a new consulting practice within a large reseller. Looking back it was an easy choice to make knowing the demand for Oracle expertise in the market. The result was a fast growing business with us building the commercial framework and acting as lead consultants delivering projects at over a 100 different companies worldwide. Today the practice is one of the largest in the world.

Switching sides helped us bring clients a wealth of knowledge enabling them to interpret notoriously difficult licensing rules and get the best agreements in the market – all while lowering support maintenance fees by up to 70% and greatly reduce the total costs of ownership.

We continued to help defend clients around the world in Oracle license audits with strong results either completely removing the audit fee or heavily reducing it. It was not uncommon for us to achieve a 95% reduction in cost compared to the findings of the initial audit report. Another common client request was ULA exit plans, helping clients to avoid Oracle’s stealth audits and securing additional licensing so no future purchase of Oracle software was needed in the foreseeable future.

As we were building up the Oracle consulting practice and delivering project, we were often questioned about our independence. In other words, how can a reseller sell software licenses and delivery services that is geared towards buying less licenses for the very same vendor? It is a fundamental conflict of interests that never became evident in the actual delivery work at the time but is something that any client should carefully consider.

Why Redress Compliance
Surveying the market for services providers, we found that most falls into a category where you can question their independence and therefore the quality of service. Another common problem is a lack of focus. In many cases services providers are working with multiple vendors, typically ending up providing basic license compliance services through low cost resources, which offers no more value than a license count.

Redress Compliance stands out as an independent Oracle services provider that combines unique commercial knowledge of Oracle with best in class experience within license compliance, contract negotiations and cost optimization.

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