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Oracle Licensing can be difficult to master. Get expert help from Redress Compliance. We are independent Oracle licensing experts who help companies with Oracle compliance Oracle audit defense, Oracle Cloud and Oracle ULA.

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Redress Compliance the worlds leading Oracle licensing experts serving clients worldwide with Oracle license and cloud compliance challenges. We can be your Independent Oracle licensing and cloud advisor for Oracle Audit Defense, Oracle ULA certifications, Oracle license compliance and Oracle cloud licensing and migrations.


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Hire us as your Oracle licensing consultant and we will provide independent advice on Oracle licensing and cloud.

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How to work with Redress Compliance

Learn how your company can easily contract with us and take advantage of our Oracle licensing experts.

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Oracle License Compliance

Oracle licensing and contracting is complex and constantly changing. Staying compliant requires expert knowledge and access to the right technologies. Redress applies a unique combination of

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Oracle Audit Defense

We can help you before the audit begins, by reviewing your servers running Oracle software using same tools as Oracle will use. Difference is that are going to help you pay zero, while Oracle wants you to pay as much as possible.

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ULA Certification

We help clients to enter, manage and undergo Oracle ULA certification. Oracle has a process for every step of the ULA lifecycle and so should you. Common challenges are getting the certification process...

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Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management.

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management. Redress is recognized as the leading Oracle licensing experts providing Oracle license compliance, Oracle audit defense, Cloud transition and Oracle ULA services. Serving clients in 41 countries across The US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Japan and Brazil.

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