Oracle licensing experts

Oracle Licensing Experts

Achieve compliance and cost savings with our Oracle licensing expertise for On-premise, Azure, AWS, Google and OCI

  • Discover the true value of your Oracle cloud deployment with our expert licensing verification services.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of Oracle licensing in the cloud with our in-depth knowledge and experience.
  • Our services can assist you in confirming your license compliance on public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Stay compliant and optimize your Oracle SaaS usage with our comprehensive Oracle Fusion Usage Reports analysis and optimization roadmap.
  • Trust in our expertise in Oracle cloud licensing for key solutions including Oracle Universal Cloud Credits, Oracle BYOL, Oracle Fusion, Oracle HCM and Oracle ERP.

Oracle license compliance services

Redress Compliance - Experts in Oracle License Management

Oracle License Compliance

Oracle License Compliance

90% of all Oracle license compliance issues are due to lack of knowledge or mistaken usage. Engage with our experts to get an Oracle license position and experience advise on how to resolve any issues

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Oracle Java Licensing

Oracle Java Licensing

Are you trying to understand how to license Java, and Oracle is not helping? Are you running Oracle on Java and are struggling to make sense of the licensing policies? We have helped over 40 organizations review their Java licensing estate

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Oracle ULA Certification

Oracle ULA Certification

Our team have helped over 100 different organizations renew or undergo Oracle ULA certification. We can help you count the licenses for your ULA and help you maximize the agreement before it expires. Make us part of your team and success is guaranteed.

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License Advisory services for all Oracle products

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What Sets Us Apart

We deliver our services worldwide and are supporting clients in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Get support from recognised experts in Oracle licensing.  


Your lead Oracle consultant will have over 20 years of working with Oracle software and unparalled consulting experience.


Get independent advice. We do not have any affiliations with Oracle and do not sell any products or services from Oracle or any of its rivals.

All Oracle

We are the industry leading Oracle consultants, our mission is to be the best and you do that by focusing on one vendor


Outstanding Experience

We help our clients with any challenges related to Oracle licensing, cloud and contracting, but below are some of the areas where we cover fully and have extensive experience.

License Compliance & Remediation 100 %
Java Licensing Expertise 100 %
Oracle ULA Expertise 100 %
License Optimization & cost reduction 100 %


What do our clients say about us

"Working with Redress Compliance was a game changer for our company," said a Global CIO . "Not only did they help us achieve compliance and avoid significant fines, but they also helped us save a significant amount of money. I would highly recommend working with Redress Compliance to any company that is looking to optimize their Oracle licensing."

Global CIO

"Working with Redress Compliance was a crucial step for our company," said the Director of IT Infrastructure. "Their expertise and guidance not only helped us achieve compliance and avoid costly fines, but also greatly reduced our Oracle support fees. I highly recommend their services to any company seeking to optimize their Oracle ULA certification."

Director of IT Infrastructure

"Redress Compliance was a trusted advisor to our company," said an anonymous representative. "They helped us make sense of Java licensing and create a future strategy for it. Their expertise and guidance not only helped us achieve compliance and avoid costly fines, but also greatly reduced our costs. We highly recommend their services to any company seeking to optimize their Java licensing."


"We were impressed with the service provided by Redress Compliance," said the head of applications. "Their expertise and guidance made our cloud transition seamless and helped us avoid over-purchasing Oracle SaaS licenses. Their Oracle licensing assessment and negotiation expertise were invaluable to us and we highly recommend their services to any company looking to migrate to the cloud."

Head of applications

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    Read Most Frequent Questions

    What products can you help me with?

    All Oracle technology products: database and middleware, including Weblogic and Webcenter products. We are also able to license audit Oracle E-business Suite where we can provide a detailed analysis, which you can use to re-assign and optimize your Oracle EBS licensing. We are also able to review Siebel using Oracle LMS scripts where we can provide clients with a clear licensing position you can use to make a procurement decision or optimize your licensing. Other products we can audit are: Oracle Java, Oracle Primavera, Oracle Agile, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Hyperion EPM, Peoplesoft, Oracle Fusion HCM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Fusion ERP.

    How long does an Oracle license review take?

    An Oracle licensing review takes approx 4-8 weeks to complete depending on the size of your Oracle software estate. The timeline starts from when we recieve the required data to analyze. We take the data and analyze your Oracle software deployments to understand what is active today, but also review historical usage which Oracle will require you to license as well. After the Oracle licensing analysis has been completed, we present the report both in Microsoft Excel as well as en Executive management report containing the results of the engagement and financial risk with our recommendations.

    An Oracle SaaS usage review is based upon the number of users that you have but as a general rule it takes approx 4-6 weeks to complete an analysis of all your SaaS usage.

    Which tools and methods are you using to measure Oracle compliance?

    We analyze Oracle LMS scripts (to simulate an real Oracle license audit) or use your existing software asset management tool. Some Oracle software products require manual review and analysis to create an Oracle licensing report.
    For Oracle SaaS usage reviews we use reports our clients extract from the Oracle Cloud Dashboard. We are then able to provide a licensing report as well as SaaS optimization results.

    To which countries do you offer your services?

    Our Oracle licensing consultants are based in Europe, Asia and North America. We are able to deliver all of our services worldwide and we cover all timezones. Our Oracle license experts are accustomed to helping companies across different continents and have experience in supporting clients with cultural and regional differences.

    Do you resell any software

    No, Redress Compliance does not resell Oracle software or any other software, such as license management tools, to ensure we are not trying to steer our customers in any direction other than providing the best advice possible. We are not a partner of AWS and will only recommend moving to AWS for Oracle if it is in the customer’s best interest, the same applies for other public cloud platforms like Oracle Cloud, Azure and Google.

    Do you have customer references?

    We have over 40 customer references from organizations ranging from US, Canada, Brazil, France, UK, Sweden, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Indonesia and Japan.

    How do we contract with Redress Compliance?

    Use the contact button to send us an e-mail. We will always reply within 24 hours. We then quickly sign a NDA and scope the engagement. Once we have the scoping information, we are able to share a statement of work for you to review within 24 hours. The rest depends on your internal process, but generally we are available to start supporting you within days of having a contract in place.

    Do you offer managed services?

    Yes we do, some of our clients wants us take care of all tasks with Oracle software licensing and contract. For this we have multi-year agreements.

    Can you help with AWS Cost Optimization?

    Do you have an AWS EDP contract and want to negotiate a better deal?  or are you looking at optimizing AWS costs? Our team can help.

    Salesforce Licensing & Optimization

    Do you want help with Salesforce licensing or simply want to negotiate a better deal?  Reach out to our team to help you optimize your costs.

    SAP Licensing & Advisory
    IBM Licensing & Advisory

    Are you facing an IBM Audit?  Use our IBM Licensing Experts to make sure you are one step ahead of IBM and not behind. 

    Microsoft Licensing & Advisory

    If you want to have an expert help you optimize and renew your Microsoft EA – We can help!  We can also be your advisor if you are hit by an Microsoft Audit, SPLA Audit, O365 Licensing, Azure Optimization and Licensing questions such as SQL Server and or Volume Licensing.

    Oracle Advisory Services

    If you need help with any Oracle enterprise agreement, including Oracle ULA, Oracle PULA and Oracle Pool of Funds – our experts can help.

    If you need help with Oracle OCI strategies, such as OCI cost optimization and or negotiating cloud agreements we can help.


    ServiceNow Advisory Services

    We also offer ServiceNow advisory, ranging from implementation, configuration, licensing and optimization.

    Workday Advisory Services

    We help organizations negotiate, license and optimize Workday.