Oracle WebCenter Sites Licensing and Costs

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites Licensing and Costs

Oracle WebCenter Sites, a key component of the Oracle WebCenter Suite, offers an all-inclusive web content management (WCM) solution. It empowers organizations to construct, deploy, and oversee large-scale, interactive websites, delivering a dynamic web experience to the target audience.

Licensing Oracle WebCenter Sites

Oracle WebCenter Sites Licensing

Oracle WebCenter Sites licensing comes in two models:

  1. Named User Plus Software Update License & Support: This suits organizations with a defined user base.
  2. Processor License: This is ideal for businesses hosting internet-facing applications or when user counting is impractical.

WebCenter Sites Licensing Costs

Licensing Costs

Based on Oracle’s current pricing list, here’s the pricing information for each license type:

Product NameNamed User Plus Software Update License & Support ($)Processor License ($)Software Update License & Support ($)
WebCenter Sites2,000100,00022,000

Licensing Scenario

For instance, if an organization intends to license a server with WebCenter Sites and they have 50 Named User Plus, the total licensing cost would be:

  • 50 (Named User Plus) * $2,000 (Cost per Named User Plus) = $100,000.

If they choose to license a server with four cores of Intel, the licensing cost would be calculated as follows:

  • Oracle Processor Licenses required = 0.5 (Oracle’s core factor for Intel) * 4 (Number of cores) = 2.
  • Total cost = 2 (Oracle Processor Licenses) * $100,000 (Cost per Processor License) = $200,000.

This product can be purchased individually or as part of an Oracle ULA.

Key Features of Oracle WebCenter Sites

  • Analytics: Delivers valuable data analytics for understanding user behavior and assessing site performance.
  • Community Server: Creates and manages vibrant online communities to promote user interaction and engagement.
  • Content Integration Platform: Integrates content from diverse sources for a seamless content strategy.
  • Content Server: Serves as the central repository for all website content.
  • CS-Engage: Enhances user engagement by offering personalized web experiences based on individual behaviors and preferences.
  • Gadget Server: Facilitates the addition of various gadgets or widgets to augment website functionality.
  • Language Packs: Provides multi-language support, catering to a diverse, global audience.
  • Satellite Server: Enhances website performance by caching frequently accessed data, reducing server load.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Oracle WebCenter Sites?

Oracle WebCenter Sites is an all-inclusive web content management solution that enables organizations to build, deploy, and manage large-scale, engaging websites.

What are the main features of Oracle WebCenter Sites?

The platform offers a range of features such as analytics, community server, content integration platform, content server, CS-Engage, gadget server, language packs, and satellite server.

How can I license Oracle WebCenter Sites?

Oracle WebCenter Sites can be licensed through a Named User Plus Software Update License Support or a Processor License.

ow much does it cost to license Oracle WebCenter Sites?

The cost depends on the license type. A Named User Plus Software Update License Support costs $2,000 per user. For a Processor License, it’s $100,000 per processor.

How is the cost calculated for licensing a server with Intel cores?

The total cost is calculated by multiplying Oracle’s core factor for Intel (0.5) by the number of cores. This gives the number of Oracle Processor Licenses required. The total cost is then derived by multiplying this number by the cost per Processor License.

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