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Top 5 mistakes Oracle customers make with Oracle UCC

Are you paying too much for your Oracle UCC – In the rapidly evolving world of cloud services, Oracle Cloud is a choice for many organizations.

However, navigating its complex structures and pricing models can be daunting, often leading to costly mistakes.

This article highlights the top five mistakes companies frequently make when managing their Oracle Cloud spend.

Organizations can better strategize their cloud investments and maximize their returns by understanding these pitfalls.

Top 5 mistakes Oracle customers often make with Oracle UCC

Top 5 mistakes Oracle customers often make with Oracle UCC
  1. Misunderstanding the Contract Models: Many customers do not fully understand the difference between the Pay-as-you-go and Annual Flex models. This can lead to choosing a model that doesn’t align with their consumption patterns, resulting in unnecessary costs.
  2. Not Monitoring Consumption: Failing to monitor consumption levels can lead to over-consumption and unexpected costs. It’s crucial to regularly check your usage and adjust your contract model if necessary.
  3. Overcommitting in the Annual Flex Model: Some customers commit to a higher amount in the Annual Flex model than they consume. Since this model has no carryover, any unused amount is lost by the end of the 12 months.
  4. Ignoring Oracle Support Rewards: Existing customers often overlook the Oracle Support Rewards program, which can provide significant benefits. For every dollar spent on Oracle Cloud, customers can get 25% back on what they’re paying in maintenance.
  5. Not Negotiating the Contract: Many customers accept the contract terms as they are without negotiating for discounts or additional benefits. Remember, it’s always possible to negotiate the terms to better align with your organization’s needs and usage.

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