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Case Study: €7,7 million saved on Oracle Audit


Oracle audited a southern European bank with Oracle DB. They initially tried to navigate the audit process independently but faced an Oracle audit report worth €8 million. The license compliance issues ranged from virtual environments to unlicensed database options usage. They enlisted Redress Compliance’s expertise to help minimize the impact and negotiate the best deal possible.


The bank was facing a potential non-compliance risk of €8 million. They needed a comprehensive strategy to mitigate this risk and navigate the Oracle audit process.


Redress Compliance was enlisted to provide a strategic solution:

  1. Audit Report Review: Redress reviewed the audit report and findings.
  2. Error Identification: Redress identified errors and wrong assumptions on behalf of Oracle.
  3. Negotiation Strategy: Redress provided a negotiation strategy to enable the organization to pay as little as possible to Oracle.


The audit was settled four months after the issue of the report at €300k, a significant reduction from the initial €8 million. This outcome illustrates the value of expert guidance in navigating Oracle audits.

Quote from the Director of IT

“The strategic insights and deep expertise of Redress Compliance have been instrumental in our Oracle audit process. Their comprehensive approach and unwavering support were key in navigating the complexities of the audit. They identified errors and wrong assumptions on behalf of Oracle and provided a negotiation strategy that resulted in a significant cost reduction. Their contribution has been pivotal in our IT strategy and has saved us millions.”


This case study illustrates Redress Compliance’s ability to provide comprehensive Oracle audit solutions. By understanding each client’s unique needs and challenges, Redress Compliance can deliver strategies that ensure compliance and result in significant cost savings.


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