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Oracle Advanced Security License is TDE Included?

Oracle Advanced Security licensing operates as follows:

  • It is an add-on license to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
  • Includes features like encryption, secure network communications, and data redaction.
  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) is a crucial feature, requiring an Oracle Advanced Security license.
  • Licensing must match the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition in quantity and metric (Processor or Named User Plus).

What is Oracle Advanced Security?

Oracle Advanced Security License

Oracle Advanced Security is a comprehensive security solution that provides a range of encryption, authentication, and access control features for Oracle Databases.

The security is designed to protect sensitive data stored in Oracle Databases from various security threats, including network eavesdropping, SQL injection attacks, and password theft.

Features of Oracle Advanced Security

Features of Oracle Advanced Security

Encryption and Decryption

  • Process: Converts plain text to unreadable cipher text.
  • Options: Includes Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Data Redaction, and SecureFiles Encryption.

Secure Network Communications

  • Function: Protects data in transit.
  • Protocols: Supports SSL, TLS, and encryption algorithms like AES RSA.

Database Firewall

  • Role: Monitors and controls database traffic.
  • Security: Blocks unauthorized access and prevents SQL injection attacks.

Data Redaction

  • Purpose: Masks sensitive data from unauthorized users.
  • Types: Offers full, partial, and random redaction options.

Oracle Advanced Security provides comprehensive tools for data encryption, secure communications, and database security, ensuring robust protection of sensitive information.

Benefits of Oracle Advanced Security

Benefits of Oracle Advanced Security
  • Enhanced Data Security: Offers strong protection against various security threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps meet data protection regulations and avoid penalties.
  • Reduced Data Breach Risk: Minimizes the risk of breaches and associated costs like financial loss, reputation damage, and legal liabilities.
  • Simplified Security Management: Centralized console for easy configuration and management of security policies.

Oracle Advanced Security provides critical tools to safeguard sensitive data, ensuring businesses remain compliant and secure while simplifying security management.

Oracle Advanced Security Licensing Options

  • Add-on Requirement: Only available as an add-on to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
  • Licensing Necessity: Both Enterprise Edition and Advanced Security must be licensed.
  • Metric Usage: Available per Named User Plus and Processor metric.
  • Matching Quantity and Metric: License quantity and metric for Advanced Security must match the database license.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

  • Feature of Advanced Security: Provides encryption at column, table, or tablespace level.
  • Functionality: Encrypts data when written to disk and decrypts when read, making it transparent to applications.
  • Licensing for TDE: Requires an Oracle Advanced Security license; not available standalone.

TDE is a key feature of Oracle Advanced Security, offering enhanced encryption for sensitive data in Oracle Databases.

How to Enable TDE with Oracle Advanced Security

enabling TDE with Oracle Advanced Security

How to Enable TDE with Oracle Advanced Security

  • Purchase License: Acquiring an Oracle Advanced Security license is the first step, ensuring legal access to TDE features.
  • Configure Wallet:
    • Initialization: Begin by setting up an encryption wallet, which securely stores TDE keys.
    • Location Configuration: Specify the wallet’s location in the database configuration file to ensure seamless access.
  • Enable TDE:
    • Target Selection: Choose specific columns, tables, or tablespaces for encryption.
    • Application: Utilize Oracle’s tools and commands to apply encryption, safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Verification:
    • Functionality Check: Confirm encryption is active and functioning as intended.
    • Data Accessibility: Ensure encrypted data remains accessible to authorized users.

    Best Practices for Oracle Advanced Security and TDE

    Best Practices for Oracle Advanced Security and TDE

    • Stay Updated: Regular updates to the Oracle Database and Advanced Security patches enhance protection against vulnerabilities.
    • Strong Encryption:
      • Algorithm Selection: Choose strong encryption algorithms and appropriate key sizes to fortify security.
      • Implementation: Apply these settings during the TDE setup for optimal security.
    • Key Management:
      • Rotation Policy: Implement a routine for key rotation and wallet updates to prevent unauthorized access.
      • Backup: Maintain backups of the encryption wallet in secure locations.
    • Access Control:
      • Limited Access: Restrict access to the encryption wallet and key management functionalities to authorized personnel only.
      • Audit Trails: Monitor and log access to track any unauthorized attempts.
    • Continuous Monitoring:
      • Security Audits: Regularly conduct security assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities.
      • Performance Monitoring: Ensure that the implementation of TDE does not adversely affect database performance.

    How to Check if Advanced Security Is Enabled

    To check if Advanced Security is enabled in an Oracle database, an Oracle DBA should query the V$OPTION view.

    This view contains information about the various database features and options and their status.

    By querying this view, the DBA can look specifically for entries related to Oracle Advanced Security features like ‘Oracle Advanced Security,’ ‘Transparent Data Encryption’, or similar terms. The query result will indicate whether these features are enabled or not.

    FAQs related to licensing for Oracle Advanced Security

    What are the licensing options for Oracle Advanced Security?

    Oracle Advanced Security is an add-on to the Oracle DB EE license. You must first license EE and then purchase an add-on license.

    Is a separate license required to use Oracle Advanced Security?

    Yes, Advanced Security is an add-on license.

    Can Oracle Advanced Security be used with any edition of Oracle Database?

    No, Oracle Advanced Security cannot be used with all editions of Oracle Database. Only DB EE.

    Which license metrics is OAE available in?

    Named User Plus and Processor. You must match the quantity and metric with your DB EE license.

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