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Oracle Active Dataguard Licensing Guide

Oracle Dataguard

If you are considering buying an Oracle Dataguard license, this article will provide you with some important information. We’ll also discuss what Oracle RAC is and how it differs from data guard. Also, we’ll cover how you can install Oracle Dataguard on your computer. Let’s get started! Listed below are some of the features of Oracle Dataguard. You can learn more about them below. Also, don’t forget to read the license agreement before installing or utilizing them.

Oracle Active Data Guard Licensing

oracle active dataguard licensing

Data Guard provides the highest level of data availability and protection for Oracle RDBMS. It maintains an exact replica of your production database in a remote location that is open only for read operations. Active Data Guard provides better performance for production databases, particularly those used for critical transactions. It is a licensed option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Read on to learn more about Active Data Guard. But first, what is it? Read this article for a basic overview of the Oracle Data Guard product.

Oracle Data Guard replicates a shared database using a broker configuration with Fast-Start Failover. The configuration is automatically done when you create a shared database. When a shard fails, Oracle Sharing automatically switches the database connection from the primary to its standby database. Oracle Data Guard supports user-defined and system-managed sharing. In either case, Oracle Data Guard ensures that a database is always available for your users.

Data Guard helps you recover database transactions by applying redo data to both primary and standby databases. This ensures that a database can recover from a failure. Oracle Data Guard creates and maintains standby databases that are identical to your production database. The standby database automatically applies redo data from the primary database and then reconnects to the primary database when it needs to. This feature is essential for any enterprise environment that relies on database availability.

Using Oracle Data Guard helps protect data from losing its primary role. This occurs during planned maintenance. During switchover, the standby database takes over the primary role. Oracle Data Guard enables you to configure these features so that you will never experience data loss.

Oracle Active Data Guard is licensed per core, the same way as the pre-req Enterprise Edition database. You can only use ADG in Oracle enterprise edition database. The number of licenses required must match the database license, if the database is licensed per processor you must license active data guard with processor as well. The quantities must also match the database license, if you have 8 processors for database you must license active dataguard with 8 processor licenses. Remember that you need to license both the primary and secondary nodes.

What is Oracle Active Dataguard?

If you have an Oracle database, you’ve probably heard about the Active Data Guard feature. It’s a new way to protect your data from outages by opening a physical standby database. This allows you to make changes to your primary database without having to rewrite them, and it also gives you zero-data-loss data recovery protection. Physical block corruption is automatically repaired when you use Active Data Guard, and you can even initiate RMAN backups from your standby database to reduce CPU load on the primary.

The advantages of Active Data Guard outweigh the drawbacks. It improves performance by allowing real-time queries to occur on the standby database while still protecting the primary database. When this happens, transactions do not commit until redo data has been written to the standby redo log. Moreover, because all changes are performed on the standby database, the availability of the primary database is preserved until the redo stream writes to the synchronized standby database.

Active Data Guard is an upgrade of the Data Guard feature and increases the database performance when critical transactions occur. This feature offers read-only access to the physical standby database, which can also be used for production queries and reports. Active Data Guard is available in Enterprise Edition only. If you’re considering this upgrade, you should keep in mind that it costs money. In addition, you should know that Active Data Guard requires a license for both databases.

What is the cost of Oracle Data Guard?

There are many different ways to use Oracle Data Guard. Depending on the configuration, you may only need a single database or multiple databases. You can even set up a Far Sync instance that will accept redo from the primary database. Adding Oracle Data Guard to your Oracle environment is an excellent way to protect your data from disasters. Learn more about the features and benefits of this product. You can even get free trial versions.

For more information, read this article. Oracle Data Guard is a feature that is available with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. However, it is only available with that edition. It can also be purchased separately as an add-on. This option allows you to get 99 percent uptime, which is an impressive feature. It is also flexible for disaster recovery, which can reduce downtime. But, you will need to buy additional licensing to set it up.

While traditional Data Guard is free, Active Data Guard allows you to configure it so that you can run reports and other reporting activities in the standby database. It can be an excellent solution if you need near-real-time reporting and have separate physical servers. The downside is that the Active Data Guard feature requires a separate physical server and license list price is $11,500 USD.

Oracle Active Dataguard needs to be licensed on both the primary and the secondary node and you apply Oracle core factor table where you multiply the number of cores with Oracle core factor table. The number of Active Dataguard licenses must match the number and the metric of your Oracle Database Enterprise Edition licenses. Active Data Guard can be included into Oracle ULA.

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