Peoplesoft Licensing Guide – 4 different ways of licensing

PeopleSoft licensing options exists for both solution and enterprise licensing options. The most common license metrics are employee or application user, but educational sector often have FTE student licensing. For later Peoplesoft products, Oracle has a license model called Monitored user, read further below what to consider when licensing monitored users. 


Peoplesoft Licensing


First you should review Peopelsoft modules and understand if the module is license on application user (individuals) or per employee. Many Peoplesoft products are licensed per employee and then you need to license your whole employee population. For the application user licenses you need to be mindful about pre-requisites and the user minimums that exist for Peoplesoft.


Peoplesoft Licensing definitions


Application User: is defined as an individual authorized by you to use the applicable licensed application programs which are installed on a single server or multiple servers, regardless of
whether the individual is actively using the programs at any given time


Employee: is defined as (i) all of your full-time, part-time, temporary employees, and (ii) all of your agents, contractors and consultants who have access to, use, or are tracked by the
programs. The quantity of the licenses required is determined by the number of Employees and not the actual number of users. In addition, if you elect to outsource any business
function(s) to another company, the following must be counted for purposes of determining the number of Employees: all of the company’s full-time employees, part-time employees,
temporary employees, agents, contractors and consultants that (i) are providing the outsourcing services and (ii) have access to, use, or are tracked by the programs


Expense Report: is defined as the total number of expense reports by Expenses during a 12 month period. You may not exceed the licensed number of expense reports during any 12
month period.


FTE Student: is defined as any full-time student enrolled in your institution and any part-time student enrolled in your institution counts as 25% of an FTE Student. The definition of “fulltime” and “part-time” is based on your policies for student classification. If the number of FTE Students is a fraction, that number will be rounded to the nearest whole number for purposes
of license quantity requirements


Monitored User: is defined as an individual who is monitored by an Analytics program which is installed on a single server or multiple servers, regardless of whether the individual is
actively being monitored at any given time


Individual users who are licensed for an Analytics program by either Named User Plus or Application User may not be licensed by Monitored User.


Human Resources Compensation Analytics program, all of your employees must be licensed.


Oracle Governance, Risk, and Compliance applications: Advanced Controls for eBusiness Suite, Application Access Controls Governor, Application Access
Controls for E-Business Suite, Configuration Controls Governor, Configuration Controls for E-Business Suite, Transaction Controls Governor, and Preventive Controls Governor, the number of Monitored Users is equal to the total number of unique E-Business Suite users (individuals) being monitored by the program(s), as created/defined in the User Administration function of E-Business Suite. Users of iProcurement and/or Self-Service Human Resources are excluded.


For the purpose of the following PeopleSoft Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance applications: Advanced Controls for PeopleSoft Enterprise, Application Access Controls Governor, Application Access Controls for PeopleSoft Enterprise, Configuration Controls Governor, and Configuration Controls for PeopleSoft Enterprise, the number of Monitored Users is equal to the total number of unique PeopleSoft Enterprise (or any other custom applications/programs) users (individuals) that the program monitors


What is PeopleSoft?


If you have not yet implemented PeopleSoft, you may want to consider trying it out before making the decision. The suite includes a variety of applications, such as financial reporting, customer relationship management, and payroll management. This software can help your company manage the human resources department, allowing you to easily update employee information, track timesheets, and manage other key information. PeopleSoft can also help you organize your marketing processes, from managing employee profiles and performance to tracking customer satisfaction and purchases.


The PeopleSoft suite is also platform-independent. Its architecture is built on PeopleTools, a scripting language called PeopleCode, and design tools to define metadata, user interfaces, and batch processing tools. You can use PeopleSoft on any platform, including UNIX, Windows, and Linux. PeopleSoft, Inc., was founded in 1995 in Walnut Creek, California and has offices in Mexico. Its first release, PeopleSoft 6, was an ERP application.


As of 2018, PeopleSoft is the #1 ranked solution for Demand Management tools, Activity Based Costing software, Benefits Administration tools, and Talent Management and Acquisition. While it is not the best solution for every business, it has a solid user base and a highly customizable platform. It requires tech-savvy end users, but its comprehensive suite of solutions can help you manage your company’s finances from end-to-end. This software can include basic financial tools like payroll and cash management, as well as specialized applications such as Enterprise Pricer.


Despite its popularity in service-based industries, PeopleSoft has the ability to adapt to any type of business. The software can be implemented at any level, and can be hosted on a Cloud or on-premise. Its comprehensive feature set allows users to connect directly to their business processes, eliminating middlemen. With its integrated suite of business applications, PeopleSoft helps your business increase efficiency and cut costs. Its user-friendly interface, integration, and training and customer support are all laudable features.


Its powerful features include comprehensive business management tools, including tools to manage employees, build customer relationships, and manage payroll and employee benefits. PeopleSoft also allows users to transfer data from one business to another without any loss of important data. Furthermore, it enables employees to manage team members and employees, approve promotions, edit personal information, view pay slips, and analyze data. The most important aspect of PeopleSoft is that it can be used for multiple purposes.


The Peoplesoft update manager is another useful tool. It allows customers to select the software they require and avoid requiring costly upgrades. This software is extremely cost-effective and is widely used by customers. It also offers fluid ID support, which allows customers to create custom user interfaces. Further, it offers many other features that you may not find in other applications. The Peoplesoft support community is a great source of knowledge and experience. Take advantage of it today!



If you need help with Peoplesoft licensing, Redress Compliance have services to support you. If you want to know more, schedule an online meeting with us.