IBM ELA Renewal Service

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Who Needs This Service?

Our IBM ELA Renewal Service is designed for


Organizations want to make up their mind about what to include in the IBM ELA and not what IBM wants to include.


Organizations that want more value from their IBM ELA; more licenses, better terms

What Do We Offer?

Our IBM Licensing Assessment Service is a comprehensive process to ensure you get the most out of your IBM licensing.

ELA Cost Optimization Analysis

Conduct an exhaustive analysis of your IBM ELA to identify opportunities for cost savings. We assess current usage against the ELA terms to find underutilized resources, ensuring you only pay for what you need and use, leading to significant cost reductions.

Strategic ELA Negotiation Support

Provide expert guidance and support during ELA negotiations with IBM. Our team leverages in-depth knowledge of IBM’s pricing structures and negotiation tactics to secure the most favorable terms, ensuring your agreement is both cost-effective and aligned with your business objectives.

ELA Compliance and Risk Management

Rigorously review your IBM ELA to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of costly non-compliance penalties. We assist in interpreting complex licensing terms and conditions, ensuring your organization fully understands and adheres to these requirements.

Post-Agreement Advisory and Optimization

After the ELA is in place, offer ongoing advisory services to maintain optimal license utilization and continued cost-effectiveness. This includes periodic reviews of your IBM software usage and ELA terms, along with recommendations for adjustments as your business needs evolve

Our Dedication

Why choose us

Our team comprises seasoned professionals, including former IBM employees, who offer a unique blend of extensive IBM licensing knowledge and exceptional consulting skills. Together, we have accumulated over 200 years of collective experience in IBM licensing environments.

As an independent consulting firm, we offer unbiased and objective advice, exclusively focusing on your best interests. Our firm is not affiliated with IBM or its competitors, ensuring that our guidance is impartial and specifically tailored to your organization’s unique IBM licensing needs.

Independent IBM Specialists

As an independent consulting firm, we are dedicated to providing objective and unbiased advice, with a focus on your best interests. We maintain our independence from IBM and its competitors, ensuring that our recommendations are always impartial and tailored to meet your unique licensing requirements.

Industry Recognized

Our IBM licensing expertise has been acknowledged by industry research firms, highlighting our leadership in the field and the trust our clients place in us.

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Decades of IBM Expertise

Our team is a distinctive combination of former IBM employees and industry veterans, offering deep IBM licensing knowledge and superior consulting services. Together, we bring over 200 years of direct experience in managing complex IBM licensing challenges.

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