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Case Study: Successful Oracle ULA Certification for a Prominent Middle Eastern Bank


A prominent bank in the Middle East was preparing to certify its Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with a complex database environment spanning on-premise, including Oracle-engineered systems. They needed expert guidance to ensure a successful certification process.


The bank was facing a potential non-compliance risk of $5 million. The complexity of their database environment made it difficult to understand their licensing position fully. They needed a comprehensive strategy to address this risk and optimize their Oracle ULA for the certification process.


Redress Compliance was engaged in providing a comprehensive solution:

  1. Oracle License Scripts: Redress used Oracle license scripts to gain a clear understanding of the bank’s licensing position. This helped identify areas of non-compliance and quantify the risk.
  2. Remediation Advice: Redress provided expert advice to address the identified non-compliance issues. Through effective remediation strategies, the risk was successfully reduced to zero.
  3. Oracle ULA Strategy: Redress developed a tailored Oracle ULA strategy for the bank. The goals were to certify the Oracle ULA and maximize the current investment.
  4. Maximizing Current Oracle ULA: Redress implemented steps to maximize the value of the current Oracle ULA. This resulted in additional savings of over $200 million for the bank.
  5. ULA Certification Plan: Redress provided a detailed ULA certification plan to ensure the bank was fully prepared for the certification process.
  6. Oracle ULA Documentation: Redress completed all the Oracle ULA documentation required for the certification process.
  7. Communication Advice: Redress provided answers and communication advice to ensure the bank was well-equipped to handle any queries or issues during the certification process.


The bank avoided a potential $5 million non-compliance risk which would have caused a challenge during the ULA certification. Redress guided how to solve the risk. Furthermore, they were able to maximize the value of their current Oracle ULA, resulting in additional savings of over $200 million. Making sure that the Bank did not have to purchase Oracle software in the future.

Quote from the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

“Working with Redress Compliance has been a game-changer for us. Their deep understanding of Oracle ULA and its strategic approach helped us navigate the certification process confidently. They mitigated a substantial non-compliance risk and identified significant savings opportunities. Their support throughout the process was unparalleled. I highly recommend their services to any organization dealing with Oracle ULA.”


This case study demonstrates Redress Compliance’s ability to provide comprehensive Oracle ULA solutions. By understanding each client’s unique needs and challenges, Redress Compliance can deliver strategies that not only mitigate risks but also result in significant savings.


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