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What is an SAP Project User License? A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to SAP Project User License

One of the critical components of SAP’s software suite is its licensing structure, designed to cater to the diverse needs of its users.

This article will delve into the specifics of one such license type – the SAP Project User License.

Understanding the SAP Project User License

SAP Project User License

The SAP Project User License is a type of Named User License. A Named User is an individual authorized by SAP to access the licensed software.

The SAP Project User License is specifically designed for users who perform project-related tasks supported by the licensed software, excluding SBOP (SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio).

Roles and Responsibilities of an SAP Project User

An SAP Project User is authorized to perform one or more of the following roles:

  1. Project Management: This includes project-related resource management, creation, change, and display of quotations, orders, and billing in SAP ERP, and accounting on individual projects. It also involves the creation of project-related purchase requests, purchase orders, and service entry sheets.
  2. Product and Project-Related Reporting: A SAP Project User manages and executes product and project-related reports.
  3. Managing Project-Related Revenues and Expenses: This involves overseeing and controlling the financial aspects of a project, including revenues and expenses.
  4. Viewing Accounts Receivable (A/R) General Ledger (G/L) Postings: SAP Project Users can view A/R G/L postings, which provide insights into the project’s financial status.
  5. Controlling Access and Releasing Product Data and Recipes: In collaborative product development scenarios, SAP Project Users manage the access and release of product data and recipes.
  6. Viewing and Approving Changes through Engineering Records: This role involves overseeing and approving changes made in the project through engineering records.
  7. Managing Change through Engineering Records: SAP Project Users manage project changes through engineering records.
  8. Collaborating in cFolders: cFolders is an SAP platform where project users can share and manage project-related documents and data.
  9. Interfaces to 3rd Party Authorized Authoring Tools: SAP Project Users can interface with third-party authorized authoring tools, enhancing the scope of their project management capabilities.

In addition to these roles, the SAP Project User License includes the rights granted under the SAP Manager Self-Service User. SAP Project Users can also perform self-service tasks typically assigned to managers, such as approving timesheets, travel requests, and expense reports.


In conclusion, the SAP Project User License is a comprehensive license type that empowers users to manage and control various aspects of a project within the SAP environment.

By understanding the roles and responsibilities of this license, businesses can ensure they leverage their SAP software to its fullest potential, maximizing efficiency and productivity in their project management processes.


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