The Comprehensive Guide to Oracle WebCenter Licensing

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Licensing

Oracle WebCenter Suite is an all-in-one, unified solution that caters to the varied demands of Enterprise Portals, Content Management, Web Experience Management, and Collaboration.

It’s a tool designed to streamline business operations by providing a one-stop platform for managing, optimizing, and enhancing digital content and experiences across the enterprise.

Oracle WebCenter Licensing Basics

Oracle WebCenter Licensing basics
  • You can either license the suite product or per component (requirements)
  • You can license products either by Named User Plus or Processor licensing.
  • There are user minimums for named users plus licensing.

What is Oracle WebCenter?

What is Oracle WebCenter
  1. WebCenter Content: Oracle WebCenter Content is a robust content management solution that facilitates businesses in creating, managing, and distributing content seamlessly and effectively. It is an all-encompassing system that supports the entire content lifecycle, from creation to archiving, providing uninterrupted access and information delivery across the organization. The WebCenter Content includes elements such as Document Management, Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Web Content Management (WCM).
  2. WebCenter Portal: Oracle WebCenter Portal is an advanced portal solution that enables businesses to build, manage, and provide custom, context-based, and engaging portals for their employees, partners, and customers. It allows the creation of personalized interfaces that facilitate access to information, encourage social interactions, and streamline business processes.
  3. WebCenter Sites: Oracle WebCenter Sites is a complete web content management solution that helps organizations build, deploy, and manage large-scale, interactive, and engaging websites. With WebCenter Sites, businesses can deliver compelling and personalized digital experiences across various channels, including web, mobile, and social media.
  4. WebCenter Imaging: Oracle WebCenter Imaging offers cutting-edge imaging and business process management capabilities that can be integrated with enterprise applications like accounts payable and human resources, as well as business applications such as loan origination and claims processing, to streamline and manage their processes more effectively.

Oracle WebCenter License Costs

Product NameNamed User Plus Software Update License & Support ($)Processor License ($)Software Update License & Support ($)
WebCenter Suite Plus4,000200,00044,000
WebCenter Portal2,500125,00027,500
WebCenter Content3,450172,50037,950
WebCenter Sites2,000100,00022,000
WebCenter Sites Satellite Server50025,0005,500
WebCenter Universal Content Management2,300115,00025,300
WebCenter Imaging1,84092,00020,240
WebCenter Forms Recognition2,000100,00022,000
WebCenter Enterprise Capture1,20060,00013,200
WebCenter Capture Enterprise Standard Edition60030,0006,600
WebCenter Real-Time Collaboration10020,0004,400

Please note that all prices are in USD.

Pricing and Licensing

Oracle provides flexible pricing and licensing options to cater to different business needs. Pricing can be based on a “Named User Plus Software Update License & Support” or a “Processor License” model.

A named user plus model is ideal for companies with a known user base. In contrast, a processor license model suits businesses that cannot count users and have internet-based applications.

For example, if a company wants to license a server with WebCenter Content and they have 50 Named User Plus, the cost would be 50 (Named User Plus) * $3,450 (Cost per Named User Plus) = $172,500.

For licensing a server with four cores of Intel, the total cost would be 2 (Oracle Processor Licenses) * $172,500 (Cost per Processor License) = $345,000. The number of Oracle Processor Licenses required is 0.5 (Oracle licensing calculation for Intel) * 4 (Number of cores).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus?

Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus is a comprehensive package designed for Enterprise Portals, Content Management, Web Experience Management, and Collaboration.

What are the main components of Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus?

The key components of Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus are WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Sites, and WebCenter Imaging.

How is the pricing calculated for Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus?

Oracle provides two pricing models – Named User Plus Software Update License Support and Processor License. The cost varies depending on the number of users or processors and the specific WebCenter licensed product.

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