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SAP Worker User License Explained: Roles & Responsibilities

Introduction to SAP Worker User License

SAP’s suite of applications in enterprise software is renowned for its ability to streamline business operations and enhance decision-making.

A crucial aspect of SAP’s software suite is its licensing structure, which is designed to cater to a wide range of user needs.

This article will delve into the specifics of the SAP Worker User License, which encompasses a broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities related to production and maintenance work.

Understanding the SAP Worker User License

SAP Worker User License

The SAP Worker User License is a type of Named User License. A Named User is an individual authorized by SAP to access the licensed software.

The SAP Worker User License is designed for users working in the customer’s production facilities or as maintenance workers, performing tasks supported by the licensed software, excluding SBOP (SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio).

Roles and Responsibilities of an SAP Worker User

An SAP Worker User is authorized to perform one or more of the following roles:

  1. Display Work Instructions and Document Activities and Operations: This involves accessing and following work instructions and documenting activities and operations related to production or maintenance work.
  2. Confirm Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Stock Movements, and Completion Confirmations into Maintenance Work Orders: SAP Worker Users are responsible for confirming goods receipts, goods issues, stock movements, and completion confirmations into maintenance work orders.
  3. Enter Production Order Confirmations: This involves entering confirmations for production orders, ensuring accurate tracking of production activities.
  4. Record Product or Production Information: SAP Worker Users can record product or production information, such as quality inspection results or plant/process/equipment data.
  5. Enter Production Issues and Related Service Requests: This involves entering production issues and related service requests, facilitating the timely resolution of issues, and maintaining production equipment.
  6. Submit Purchase Requisitions for Tools, Spare Parts for Production Equipment, etc.: SAP Worker Users can submit purchase requisitions for tools, spare parts for production equipment, and other necessary items.
  7. Confirm Maintenance Notifications: This involves confirming maintenance notifications and ensuring accurate tracking of maintenance activities.
  8. Enter Service Requests and Service Entry Sheet: SAP Worker Users can enter service requests and service entry sheets, facilitating the management of service activities.
  9. Any Maintenance Activities, Reporting, or Dashboarding Related to the Items Set Forth Above SAP Worker Users can perform any maintenance activities, reporting, or Dashboarding related to the tasks mentioned above.

For Customer employees, the SAP Worker User License also includes the rights granted under the SAP Employee User License.


In conclusion, the SAP Worker User License is a comprehensive and versatile license type that empowers users to perform various production and maintenance-related tasks within the SAP environment.

By understanding the roles and responsibilities associated with this license, businesses can ensure they are leveraging their SAP software to its fullest potential, thereby maximizing efficiency and productivity in their production and maintenance operations.

FAQs about SAP Worker User License

What is an SAP Worker User License?

An SAP Worker User License is a comprehensive license type that allows users to perform a wide range of production and maintenance-related tasks supported by the licensed SAP software.

What roles can an SAP Worker User perform?

An SAP Worker User can perform functions related to displaying work instructions, confirming goods receipts, entering production order confirmations, recording product information, entering production issues, submitting purchase requisitions, confirming maintenance notifications, and entering service requests.

Does the SAP Worker User License include the rights of other SAP user licenses?

Yes, for Customer employees, the SAP Worker User License also includes the rights granted under the SAP Employee User License.


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