Oracle SOA Suite License Guide


Oracle SOA Suite License Guide

Oracle SOA Suite is licensed based on the following key points:

  • Core Licensing: Licensing depends on the number of processor cores. The Oracle core factor table is used to calculate required processor licenses.
  • Virtualization and Cloud Rules: These rules also apply to licensing.
  • Prerequisites: Licenses for Oracle WebLogic Suite and Oracle Database are necessary.
  • Costs: Pricing varies by licensing model, including $57,500 per processor license or $1,200 per named user for Oracle Middleware.

What is the Oracle SOA Suite and how to license Oracle SOA Suite ?

oracle soa suite

The Oracle SOA Suite is an enterprise-level platform for building, deploying, and managing SOA-based integrations. It enables businesses to integrate their diverse applications, services, and systems.

The Oracle SOA Suite is designed to support various industry standards, protocols, and technologies, making it a versatile platform for integrating enterprise applications.

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Costs

oracle soa suite license costs

The cost of Oracle SOA Suite license depends on the licensing model you choose. Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware costs $57,500 per processor license.

There is also an option of Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware, $1,200 per named user. It’s important to note that these costs are subject to change, so checking the official Oracle website for the latest pricing information is recommended.

Oracle SOA Suite Licensing Rules

oracle soa suite licensing

Oracle SOA Suite is licensed based on core licensing, and you need to apply the Oracle core factor table to calculate the number of processor licenses required. Virtualization rules and cloud licensing rules also apply.

It’s important to note that Oracle SOA Suite has some prerequisites, and you must get licenses for other Oracle products to be correctly licensed.

Oracle Licensing Calculation Example

The total cost for processor licenses is the number of processor licenses multiplied by the cost per processor license.

Let’s consider an example to understand the licensing calculation.

If the core factor for your processors is 0.5 and the server has eight cores, you would need to purchase four processor licenses. Similarly, for a server with 32 cores and a core factor of 0.5, you would need to purchase 16 processor licenses.

Oracle SOA Suite License Prerequisites

oracle soa suite licensing pre requisite

To license and use Oracle SOA Suite, you must have a license to Oracle WebLogic Suite. You also need to obtain a license for the Oracle Database.

Oracle SOA Suite is an excellent platform for application integration, and understanding its licensing rules is essential.

In this post, we’ve covered the different aspects of Oracle SOA Suite Licensing, including its costs, licensing rules, and prerequisites.

If you plan to use Oracle SOA Suite, we recommend you check the official Oracle website for the latest information on licensing and pricing.

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