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Oracle JD Edwards Prerequisite Products and Licensing

Understanding the JD Edwards Prerequisite Products and Licensing Alternatives for Your Organization

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JD Edwards, a product of Oracle, is a powerful business software suite that can help organizations streamline and optimize their operations.

However, to use this software, a few prerequisites must be met, and it’s essential to ensure that all the licenses match the organization’s needs.

This article will dive into JD Edwards’s prerequisite products, licensing alternatives, and how organizations can avoid costly mistakes.

JD Edwards Prerequisite Products

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Many of the JD Edwards products sold by Oracle have other products as “prerequisites.” Essentially, this means that to use a particular piece of software, you must also license another.

For example:

  • You must license System Foundation as a pre-requisite for all JD Edwards modules.
  • Service Management Foundation is a prerequisite for Service Management and Capital Asset Management.
  • CRM Foundation must be licensed for Case Management.

One of the main issues organizations encounter is that they may own licenses for specific modules but not for the prerequisites. Or they may hold fewer licenses for the condition than for the “main” module. This can happen because of incorrect license migration during a move from one pricing model to another.

Luckily, the remedy for this issue is simple.

  1. Organizations must understand the dependencies between JD Edwards modules.
  2. The number of licenses for System Foundation and Core Tools and Infrastructure must match the total number of authorized users.
  3. The number of licenses for prerequisite products must match the number for the “main” module.

Providers for Core Tools & Infrastructure

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World and EnterpriseOne software programs rely on components acting as the underlying business logic platform. While some of these components are made by JD Edwards, others, such as database and application servers, must be provided by a third party.

To license the JD Edwards components, end-users need to purchase a product called EnterpriseOne Core Tools and Infrastructure.

Licensing Alternatives for Core Tools and Infrastructure

jd edwards technology foundation
  1. Core Tools and Infrastructure can be licensed as separate modules.
  2. Technology Foundation.
    This includes Core Tools and Infrastructure and licenses for IBM components (WebSphere Application Server, DB2, and Collaborative Portal), also known as the Blue Stack.
  3. Oracle Technology Foundation.
    ncludes Core Tools Infrastructure and licenses for Oracle Components:

    – Oracle Database Standard Edition.
    – Oracle Internet Application Server Standard Edition.
    – Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition, etc.

    Also known as the Red Stack.

In the past, EnterpriseOne licenses included Technology Foundation since JD Edwards products were initially developed for IBM infrastructure.

However, since Oracle’s acquisition, the focus has gradually shifted to Oracle Technology Foundation. Today, Oracle only sells Core Tools and Infrastructure or Oracle Technology Foundation, and Technology Foundation programs are no longer available.

Organizations often don’t understand the distinction between these products. They own incorrect Red and Blue Stack license combinations, which may not match their EnterpriseOne installations.

Reasons for this situation vary, including organizations installing EnterpriseOne with IBM infrastructure and purchasing EnterpriseOne licenses with Technology Foundation.

They then upgrade their installation to a newer version of EnterpriseOne and change to Oracle Technology in the process, but they continue to use the old Technology Foundation licenses. Or, organizations purchase Technology Foundation, expand their user base requiring additional licenses, and get Oracle Technology Foundation licenses because Oracle no longer sells the original product.

To avoid costly mistakes, organizations must distinguish between these products correctly. Any company experiencing mismatches between owned licenses and underlying technology should quickly take action and fix the issue.

Ensure You Have Correctly Licensed JD Edwards Prerequisite Products

Working with a team of experts who understand JD Edwards’s prerequisite products and licensing alternatives is essential to avoid these situations. These experts can help organizations make informed decisions about their licensing options, saving them significant money in the long run.

It’s also essential to keep up to date with the latest information about JD Edwards products, licensing options, and pricing models. By staying informed, organizations can make more informed decisions about their JD Edwards software, which can help them get the most out of this powerful suite of business tools.

JD Edwards is a powerful business software suite that can help organizations streamline and optimize their operations.

However, it’s essential to understand the prerequisite products and licensing alternatives with this software suite.

By working with a team of experts and staying informed about the latest updates, organizations can make informed decisions about their JD Edwards software, saving them significant money in the long run.


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