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Oracle Database Vault Licensing – The Complete Guide

Oracle Database Vault is licensed based on:

  • Processor-Based Licensing: This option depends on the number of processors in the server where Oracle Database Vault is installed.
  • Named User Plus Licensing: This option is based on the number of users accessing the database.
  • Enterprise Edition Requirement: The license metrics and quantities must match those of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license.

Oracle Database Vault

oracle db vault license

Oracle Database Vault is a sophisticated security feature within Oracle Database that is specifically designed to enhance data protection.

It empowers organizations by enabling precise control over who, when, and where data and applications are accessed, bolstering security and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Oracle Database Vault Licensing Requirements

Oracle Database Vault Licensing Requirements

For Oracle Database Vault, licensing is akin to that required for Oracle’s Enterprise Edition.

Ensuring that the licensing metrics and quantities for Database Vault align with those of your Enterprise Edition license is crucial.

Key Features of Oracle Database Vault

Key Features of Oracle Database Vault

Oracle Database Vault boasts an array of features that significantly uplift the security of your Oracle databases:

  • Realms: Function as protective barriers, safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  • Command Rules: These dictate the execution modalities of specific SQL commands.
  • Factors: Defined as unique attributes (like IP address or time of day), these enhance the effectiveness of security rules.
  • Rule Sets: Collections of rules that work in tandem with realms and command rules, offering nuanced security controls.
  • Secure Application Roles: Ensure that data access is conditional, based on specific user roles and scenarios.
  • Multi-Factor Authorization: Introduces an additional security layer by necessitating the fulfillment of multiple conditions for access approval.

Oracle Database Vault Limitations

While Oracle Database Vault is a robust security solution, it’s essential to note its limitations:

  • Edition Specific: Available exclusively for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (version and later).
  • Not Included in Standard Edition: Oracle Database Vault is not a feature of the Oracle Database Standard Edition.
  • Separate Licensing Required: It necessitates an additional, separate license, which incurs extra costs.

Deciphering Oracle Database Vault Licensing

Oracle Database Vault’s licensing hinges on the processor usage or the user count accessing the database.

A thorough understanding of your organization’s usage pattern is vital for selecting the most cost-efficient licensing model.

Processor-Based Licensing

This model is predicated on the number of processors in the Oracle Database Vault server.

It’s an advantageous option for organizations with a high user count, potentially offering greater cost-effectiveness as user numbers escalate.

Named User Plus Licensing

This approach is contingent on the actual count of database users. It’s particularly suitable for organizations with fewer users.

However, the processor-based licensing model may be more economical as the user base expands.


What is Oracle Database Vault?

Oracle Database Vault is a security feature of Oracle Database that provides advanced controls to manage access to data and applications.

What are the key features of Oracle Database Vault? 

Key features include realms, command rules, factors, rule sets, secure application roles, and multi-factor authorization.

What restrictions are associated with Oracle Database Vault?

 Oracle Database Vault is only available for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (version and later) and requires a separate license.

How is Oracle Database Vault licensed? 

Oracle Database Vault can be licensed based on the number of processors used or users accessing the database.

What is processor-based licensing?

Processor-based licensing is based on the number of processors in the server where Oracle Database Vault is installed.

What is Named User Plus licensing?

User Plus licensing is based on the number of users accessing the database.

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