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Optimizing Your Oracle Identity Governance Suite License

The Oracle Identity Governance Suite is licensed under two models:

  • Named User Plus Model: Licenses are required for each individual or device authorized to access the system. Each user is assigned a specific license cost.
  • Processor Metrics Model: This model considers the number of processors in the licensed server, with costs based on each licensed processor.

Oracle Identity Governance Suite License: An Overview

Oracle Identity Governance Suite License

Oracle Identity Governance Suite, a comprehensive identity management solution, offers two distinct licensing models to accommodate diverse organizational needs: the Named User Plus model and the Processor Metrics model.

  1. Named User Plus Model: In this approach, licensing is based on the total count of individuals or devices granted access to the system. It requires a detailed enumeration of all users or devices interacting with the system. Each named user under this model incurs a license cost of $3,600.
  2. Processor Metrics Model: Contrarily, this model is centered around the server’s processing capacity. It evaluates the number of processors in the server intended for licensing. The cost under this model is set at $180,000 per processor license.

Calculating Processor Licenses: To ascertain the number of processor licenses needed, one must consider the number of cores in a server and the specific core factor assigned to the processor.

For instance, a server with four Intel cores (assuming Intel’s core factor is 0.5) would require two processor licenses, calculated as four cores × 0.5 core factor.

Choosing the Right Licensing Model: Organizations must select a licensing model that aligns with their usage patterns, number of users, and devices. This decision is pivotal in budget planning and avoiding unforeseen costs.

Regular Reviews for Compliance: Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of licensing agreements and reviewing them is imperative to ensure adherence to the requirements and mitigate legal risks.

What is Oracle Identity Governance Suite?

What is Oracle Identity Governance Suite

Oracle Identity Governance Suite is an integrated solution to manage user identities and access privileges across various stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and employees.

Key features of this suite include:

  • Delegated Administration: This allows users to manage their identities and those of others, enhancing self-service capabilities.
  • Enterprise Role Management: Businesses can create, manage, and automate enterprise roles and access privileges, ensuring efficient user onboarding and offboarding.
  • Access Requests and Approval: End-users can easily request access, which is then routed for necessary approvals, simplifying the process and improving user experience.

Oracle Identity Governance Suite Licensing Considerations

Oracle Identity Governance Suite Licensing Considerations

When licensing Oracle Identity Governance Suite, there are several components to consider, including Oracle Identity Analytics, Oracle Identity Manager, Self Service, Compliance tools, and Oracle Privileged Account Manager.

The suite also has connectors for various databases and directories, enhancing its integration capabilities.

Included Restricted-Use Licenses:

  • Oracle Internet Application Server Enterprise Edition or WebLogic Enterprise Edition for hosting all components under the Identity Governance Suite.
  • Oracle Analytics Publisher for publishing and viewing reports.
  • BPEL Process Manager is specifically for workflows involving identity analytics.

Oracle Identity Governance Suite and Oracle Advanced Security:

An Oracle Identity Governance Suite (IGS) license includes a restricted-use license to Oracle Advanced Security (OAS), limited to its Transparent Data Encryption component used exclusively for encrypting passwords in Oracle Privileged Account Manager. OAS and Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (DB EE) are installed separately and require distinct licenses.

Expert Guidance:

Understanding the complexities of Oracle Identity Governance Suite licensing and its restricted-use licenses can be challenging.

For specialized assistance and to ensure compliance, consulting services like Redress Compliance offer expert guidance tailored to your organization’s needs.

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