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New Oracle Pricing Models vs. Legacy JD Edwards Pricing Models

Understanding ERP Pricing Models: Choosing an ERP software involves critically examining the pricing models.

With Oracle and JD Edwards, the differences in how they charge for their products can significantly impact your organization’s bottom line, especially in large, complex licensing environments.

Working with Legacy JD Edwards Pricing Models

  • Suite or Solution-Based: JD Edwards historically bundled application modules into suites or solutions.
  • License Types: Included Named, Moderate, Inquiry, and/or Concurrent user licenses, allowing access to all modules.
  • Compliance Steps: To remain compliant, deploy only purchased modules, monitor license usage, and restrict Moderate and Inquiry user actions.

Working with the New Oracle Pricing Models

  • Flexibility and Specificity: Oracle’s current models are more flexible, offering Application User licenses for specific modules and Custom Suite Users for multiple modules.
  • Access Control: It’s crucial to manage access rights under this model to maintain compliance.
  • Adjusting to Oracle: Transitioning from JD Edwards requires adjustments in EnterpriseOne or World installations for alignment with Oracle’s models.

Ensuring Compliance with Oracle’s Pricing Models

  • Deployment and User Management: Ensure only owned modules are deployed and create accurate user accounts with access to relevant components.
  • Security Restrictions: Apply application security for current models and action security for legacy models.

Key Takeaway: Moving to Oracle’s pricing models from JD Edwards requires understanding their differences and careful implementation to ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness.

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