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Fredrik Filipsson

Director & Partner

A seasoned professional in the software licensing industry.


Fredrik started his journey in 2005 and has amassed 18 years of experience in this field.

He has served notable companies like IBM, Oracle, and Insight Enterprises.

He was a key player in founding Redress Compliance.


His area of expertise is Oracle cloud and license management, having played critical roles in the past.

He has led over 250 consulting engagements, including Oracle license audits, Oracle ULA renewals and certifications, Oracle cloud migrations, Oracle negotiations, and cost reduction engagements.

He is a recognized leader in Oracle licensing and cloud management.

Morten Andersen

Director & Partner

A crucial partner and director at Redress Compliance.


With over 17 years of experience in Software licensing and contracting, Morten brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

He has worked with industry giants such as Oracle, Insight Enterprises, IBM, and Gemalto. Morten is well-regarded as an Oracle licensing expert.


He has a proven track record as a reliable project lead who aids clients in negotiating, safeguarding, and optimizing their Oracle investments, be it on-premises or in the cloud.

When not leading projects, Morten is an active contributor to the field – He frequently publishes articles and is a speaker on Oracle licensing topics.

He has played a significant role in training and testing several hundreds of software asset managers and other Oracle stakeholders across numerous companies worldwide.

Head of Operations

Director & Partner

Seasoned IT executive with extensive experience in Oracle licensing projects.


James Hill Wood embarked on his career more than 10 years ago and has accumulated significant experience in Oracle license management.

He has been associated with leading companies like Oracle and Redress Compliance.

As a key figure at Redress Compliance, James has played a significant role in managing successful engagements worldwide.


Specializing in Oracle cloud and license management, James has been instrumental in managing critical projects in the past.

He has been engaged in over 100 consulting engagements, which include Oracle license audits, Oracle ULA renewals and certifications.

Maria Adams

Head of Data Analysis

Oracle licensing expert with a strong background in handling complex Oracle projects.


Maria Adams has been deeply involved in the field, accumulating extensive experience in Oracle technology and middleware licensing.

She has been a significant contributor to Oracle and Redress Compliance, where her expertise has left a lasting impact.

As Head of Data Analysis and Licensing, Maria has played a pivotal role in driving the company’s success.


Maria specializes in Oracle technology and middleware licensing, bringing exceptional expertise to her role.

She has successfully completed over 300 projects, including Oracle license audits, license optimization, remediation actions.

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