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Oracle Licensing Hyper-V – Explained

Licensing Oracle in Hyper-V involves:

  • Physical Processor Requirement: License each physical processor in the Hyper-V cluster where Oracle software runs.
  • No Sub-Capacity Licensing: Oracle does not allow sub-capacity licensing for Hyper-V environments.

Oracle Licensing on Hyper-V: The Basics

Regarding Oracle licensing on Hyper-V, one key point to remember: Oracle does not permit sub-capacity licensing for Oracle on Hyper-V. This is referenced in their policy document.

What does this mean for you?

  • You are required to license every physical core in the Hyper-V cluster where you have Oracle software running.

Oracle Licensing on Hyper-V

Oracle Licensing in Hyper V | Oracle licensing virtual servers

Understanding Hyper-V and Its Functionality

Hyper-V is a cutting-edge virtualization technology developed by Microsoft. It enables you to create and operate multiple virtual machines on a single physical host.

Each virtual machine is a distinct physical computer with its operating system, applications, and data.

Oracle Licensing for Hyper-V

Licensing Oracle software on Hyper-V comes with specific requirements. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Licensing Basis: Oracle software must be licensed on a per-processor basis.
  • Physical Processor Licensing: Every cluster’s physical processor must be licensed, irrespective of its usage status.

Choosing the Right Oracle Licensing Option for Hyper-V

Choosing the Right Oracle Licensing Option for Hyper-V

There are several Oracle licensing options available for use on Hyper-V. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Processor License: This option suits businesses that want to license Oracle software for a single virtual machine.
  • Named User Plus License: This option is suitable for businesses that want to license Oracle software for a specific number of named users.
  • Enterprise License Agreement (ULA): This option is suitable for businesses that want to license Oracle software for use across multiple virtual machines and locations. As with this option, you have unlimited license rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oracle Licensing on Hyper-V

Do I need a separate license for each virtual machine running Oracle software on Hyper-V?

No, licensing is calculated per physical core of all the servers in the Hyper-V cluster.

How do I understand my Oracle licensing requirements if I deploy an Oracle Database on Hyper-V?

You count all physical cores of all hosts in the cluster. Then, you apply standard Oracle licensing rules.

Can I run Standard Edition on a Hyper-V cluster with more than two processor sockets?

Yes, the cluster limit only applies to the use of SE and RAC.

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