Oracle license compliance actions

Java licensing & advisory service includes:

A java licensing assessment which creates a baseline of your java deployments.

Java licensing optimization advice for server and desktop deployments to rightsize your future licensing requirements.

Java license management training to educate your team to help you keep control over java licensing.

Java licensing in VMware strategy, options and recommendations.

Java licensing advisory to help you answer all your questions about java licensing and public cloud deployments.

Java license agreement design. We help you design the licensing agreement that is optimal for your organization.

Java licensing - Best practices sharing on licensing. How are other organizations working with Oracle java licensing.

Java negotiation support. We help you design a java negotiation strategy and provide indirect advice to help you negotiate with Oracle.


Java Licensing & Advisory Service

Project Kick-Off

We host a project kick-off to agree on project governance and milestones for completing the engagement on time. Already at kick-off we are scheduling the results meeting.

Data Gathering

We use data from your existing inventory and/or software asset management tools. In combination we have a custom questionnaire designed to collect information about your organization’s java usage.

Java License Report

We host an online workshop where we present the java license review results, including worst case financial exposure as well as recommended actions to take to rightsize your java deployments.

Java License Optimization

We provide you with the java license optimization for desktop and server deployments which will on average reduce java licensing requirements by 90%+

Java in Virtual Environments

If you are running java in virtual environments such as VMware, we help you design a strategy that is a right fit for your company.

Java Negotiation Support

We support you in your negotiations with Oracle. You will be prepared on what you need to purchase and not more. With us on your team, you will level the information playing field with Oracle.


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