The Oracle Java License Service is for companies who wants to understand their Java licensing position and how to optimize and reduce financial exposure before considering any new Java license purchase. Since 2019 companies have struggled to understand Oracle Java Licensing Changes.

Oracle Java licensing compliance risks


Companies who scan their network for Java will see that Java is deployed all across their data center and there is little information to why it’s being deployed.


Oracle licensing on VMware is notoriously difficult for companies to manage and makes the Java licensing exposure very high.


There are now 3 different Java licensing agreements all with different licensing terms, which makes it even more challenging to understand what requires a Java license.


Java licensing challenges also includes that some products have a restricted use license of Java and how does that impact the requirements.


Usage of Java SE commercial features triggers Oracle licensing.

Oracle Java License Audit

We use your existing software asset management tools or inventory tools to extract data that is used for the Java licensing analysis. Some usage details cannot be captured by any tool, and we have designed a proprietary questionnaire to capture usage of those Java features. We will in 4 weeks present the findings of the Java licensing review and give our recommendations on how to reduce and optimize the Java licensing in your company.

A full review of all your Java deployments on both client devices, on-premise servers and any cloud deployments.

A review of Oracle software products that includes Java SE license.

A review if you have utilized Java SE commercial features.

A Java licensing report including deployments per server and per device mapping that to specific licensing agreement.

Oracle Java SE worst case licensing scenarios with financial risks attached.

Oracle Java licensing optimization strategy for reducing the requirement of licenses.

Java on VMware strategy, learn the options available to you and design your strategy for managing Oracle Java on VMware.

Java licensing workshop, includes a 3 hour workshop with Java license training, Java licensing results and optimization session.

If you want to know more about our services and how we can help the organization that you work for, contact us to schedule an consultation.

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management. Redress is recognized as the leading Oracle licensing experts providing Oracle license compliance, Oracle audit defense, Cloud transition and Oracle ULA services. Serving clients in 41 countries across The US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Japan and Brazil.