About Redress Compliance

Redress Compliance is a management consulting company specialized in Oracle License Management.

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Where are you based?

We are based in the US and EMEA, but we serve clients in 41 countries spanning across the EU, US and APAC. 100% of our services are delivered remotely. However, every client engagement is different and designed for you specific needs.

How do you help me with licensing?

We copy the Oracle LMS/GLAS audit methodology, tools and data analysis to conduct an audit of your Oracle estate. That is done to make our license review identical to a real Oracle license audit.

Which products can you help me with?

All Oracle Technology including Database and Middleware. We analyze Oracle Applications such as Siebel, Oracle EBS and JD Edwards. We also specialize in Java licensing.

Do you resell any Oracle software?

No, we do not resell any software and we do not partner or co-operation with Oracle. This allows us to provide you with independent

How long does an Oracle licensing review take?

It depends on the size of your Oracle estate, but a good rule of thumb is that most Oracle licensing reviews are fully completed within 90 days.

What is your pricing based upon?

Our pricing is based on: a) Which Oracle products you want us to review. b) Quantities of Oracle deployments counted in number of servers, instances or production environments depending on the specific products.

How much can I expect an Oracle Licensing Review to cost?

All our engagements starts at $15,000 and upwards and is based upon the scope of the engagement.

Do you work on a fixed fee or hourly?

We agree on a fixed fee, fixed scope of work and a fixed time.

I already work with an SAM provider, why would i consider you?

We recommend that you watch our videos, read our articles and compare the value and expertise vs current supplier.

Do you have client references available?

We have client references available, both smaller clients with less than 1000 employees and large clients with more than 100k employees.

If I work for an SAM provider or legal firm, and one of my clients need help with Oracle licensing – can we work together?

Absolutely, simply contact us and we can discuss partnership or collaboration.

How are you different from other SAM providers in the market?

We see sharing knowledge as a sign of strength. Knowledge transfer is the core of our company and key in all our projects. We will not just leave our clients with a ”license report”, we also want clients to be able to prevent compliance issues in the future.