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How does Oracle SE One Licensing work?

Welcome to the World of Oracle SE One Licensing

Regarding database management, Oracle has a reputation that’s hard to beat. But let’s face it, the world of Oracle licensing can feel like a maze. Fear not, for we’re about to embark on a journey to transform this daunting labyrinth into a cakewalk. You can read about the features in SE1.

Oracle SE One Licensing – A Detailed Explanation

Here’s a breakdown of Oracle SE One licensing in bullet points for an easier understanding:

  • Oracle SE One is limited to servers with a maximum of two processor sockets.
  • The licensing requirements are calculated based on the number of processors in each socket, not the number of cores.
  • From Oracle Database version onward, the Database SE 1 option is no longer available.
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One is no longer available to purchase. If you need additional licenses for SE1 you will be forced to upgrade to SE2 for all your licenses covering that server.
  • As a result, if you upgrade to version or later, you would need to license with Database SE2.
oracle database standard edition one licensing

FAQs on Oracle SE One Licensing

What is the maximum server capacity for Oracle SE One?

Oracle SE One can be licensed on a server with a maximum of two processor sockets.

How are the Oracle SE One licensing requirements calculated?

The licensing requirements for Oracle SE One are based on the number of processors in each socket. It does not count the number of cores.

Can I still use Database SE 1 with the Oracle Database version or later?

No, starting from Oracle Database version, Database SE 1 is no longer available.

What should I do if I upgrade to Oracle Database version or later?

If you upgrade to Oracle Database version or later, you must license with Database SE2.

What happens to my Oracle SE One license when I upgrade my database version?

Once you upgrade your database version to or later, your Oracle SE One license must be upgraded to Database SE2..

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