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Top 4 Oracle Software Audit Compliance Issues In 2023-24

Introduction Oracle Software Audit Compliance Issues

At Redress Compliance, we’re annually involved in numerous Oracle audits worldwide.

With decades of experience in Oracle software auditing, it’s intriguing that today’s compliance risks aren’t vastly different from those 15 years ago.

Common Compliance Issues in Oracle Software Audits:

Common Compliance Issues in Oracle Software Audits
  1. Unintentional Usage of Oracle Products: Many organizations are licensed for the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. However, few are licensed for all 17 add-on features, known as database enterprise options and management packs. In 90% of Oracle audits we’ve handled, we found Oracle DBAs unknowingly used these add-on features.
  2. Deployment on VMware: Some organizations misunderstand Oracle’s licensing stance when deployed on VMware. While it’s possible to challenge Oracle based on weak contractual arguments, most organizations prefer a risk-free solution that Oracle accepts.
  3. Miscounting Named User Plus Licensing: This can arise from not counting all users accessing the Oracle server, not considering indirect usage, or overlooking user minimums per hardware.
  4. Contractual Risk: This is a relatively new issue. While Oracle sometimes waives these issues for more severe non-compliance, any breach of limited-use contract clauses is taken very seriously.

Recommendations for Oracle Customers:

  1. Regular Deployment Review: Every 18 months, review your Oracle deployments using the same toolset Oracle would use in an audit. While verified tools for Oracle are accurate 80-90% of the time, the remaining 10-20% can equate to millions in USD.
  2. Contract Review: While not needed every 18 months, seek expert advice if you’re unsure about your contract’s contents.
  3. Future Roadmap Review: If considering the public cloud, ensure your licenses can be safely migrated.


What's the most common compliance issue in Oracle audits?

Unknowingly using add-on features of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Can I challenge Oracle's licensing stance on VMware?

Yes, but most organizations prefer a risk-free solution.

How often should I review my Oracle deployments?

At least every 18 months.

What's the accuracy of verified tools for Oracle?

They’re correct 80-90% of the time.

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