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Third party Oracle support has become standard for companies to look at to achieve cost savings on software licenses. As companies are looking at cost savings on software licenses, Oracle is usually one of the vendors at the top of their target list.

Oracle support fees are based upon 22% of net license fee paid and the support fees increase by 4% year on year. Since 2022 the annual increase is 8%.

In the past few years, it’s become accepted to move the Oracle technical support contract to a third party support providers, such as Spinnaker Support and Rimini Street. Options available to customers are moving to Oracle database third party support as well as Oracle ebs third party support.

What is third party Oracle support ?

  • When you move your Oracle technical support contract to a third party Oracle support provider and these are the actions and results of this move.
  • The company is terminating their technical support agreement with Oracle.
  • The Oracle customer can continue using the Oracle software as the licenses are
    not terminated and Oracle licenses are perpetual.
  • The company can no longer call Oracle for technical support and need to call the third-party provider for Oracle support.
  • The company will no longer be able to apply security patches or upgrade the Oracle software with patches or versions that are released past the date when technical support is expired.

Which companies should consider 3P Oracle support?

Companies all face different requirements, but here is a general list of reasons when to consider third party Oracle support.

  • You have decided to replace your Oracle based solution. You have no need to call Oracle support or apply further security patches until you leave the Oracle based solution.
  • You have exhausted all other alternatives to reducing your Oracle support, including Oracle license optimization and downgrading to lessor versions.
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FAQ on Oracle third party support

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How Redress can help you move safely to Oracle third party support

The Third Party Oracle License Compliance Service offers a comprehensive assessment of a company’s current Oracle licensing and contracts.

  • The service includes a thorough analysis of Oracle licensing agreements and contracts to identify any non-compliance issues.
  • The service also provides a customized plan for how to move to third party support, including recommendations for third party support providers and a timeline for the transition.
  • The service includes assistance with communicating with Oracle about the switch to third party support, including guidance on how to terminate existing support agreements and how to manage ongoing communication with Oracle.
  • The service also provides ongoing support to ensure continued compliance with Oracle licensing terms and conditions.
  • The service is conducted by experienced Oracle licensing advisors who have extensive knowledge of Oracle licensing policies and procedures.
  • The service is designed to provide peace of mind for companies who are considering switching to third party support, by ensuring compliance with Oracle licensing terms and minimizing the risk of legal action or fines.
  • The Third Party Oracle License Compliance Service is customizable based on the specific needs of each company, and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of any Oracle customer.

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