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Third party Oracle support – Savings or a Trap?

Introduction to Oracle Third Party Support

This article provides a comprehensive understanding of Oracle third party support, a cost-saving alternative to Oracle’s official support.

The key takeaways include:

  • Oracle Third Party Support: Companies can save significantly by moving their Oracle technical support contract to third-party providers like Spinnaker Support, Rimini Street, and Support Revolution.
  • Implications of the Switch: Upon moving to third party support, companies terminate their technical support agreement with Oracle but retain the right to use the Oracle software.
  • Suitability: Companies looking to replace their Oracle-based solution or those who have exhausted all other alternatives to reducing Oracle support costs should consider third party Oracle support.
  • Common Mistakes: Customers should independently review their Oracle licensing and not solely rely on the third party provider’s licensing assessment.
  • Legal Aspect: Oracle’s third party support is legal as long as the companies comply with Oracle’s licensing terms and conditions.
  • Expert Help: While moving to third-party support, there is a minefield of contracts, policies, and licensing questions. If you need an expert who has helped numerous organizations successfully move to third-party support. Get in touch with us today.

What is third party Oracle support?

third party oracle support
  • When you move your Oracle technical support contract to a third party Oracle support provider, these are the actions and results of this move.
  • The company is terminating its technical support agreement with Oracle.
  • The Oracle customer can continue using the Oracle software as the licenses are
    not terminated, and Oracle licenses are perpetual.
  • The company can no longer call Oracle for technical support and needs to contact the third-party provider for Oracle support.
  • The company will no longer be able to apply security patches or upgrade the Oracle software with patches or versions released when technical support has expired.

Which companies should consider 3P Oracle support?

Companies all face different requirements, but here is a general list of reasons to consider third-party Oracle support.

  • You have decided to replace your Oracle-based solution. You do not need to call Oracle support or apply further security patches until you leave the Oracle-based solution.
  • You have exhausted all other alternatives to reducing your Oracle costs, including Oracle license optimization and downgrading to lessor versions.
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FAQ on Oracle third-party support

What is the cost of third-party Oracle support?

Third-party Oracle support providers typically charge 50% less than Oracle would charge for support.

Which Oracle software products can be supported by third parties?

Third-party support is available for Oracle database, middleware (such as Weblogic), and Oracle applications such as Siebel, EBS, JD Edwards, and Agile.

Will Oracle object if I switch to third-party support?

No, Oracle will not be upset if you move to third-party support, as the company has different sales organizations. It is rare for the organization managing support renewals to initiate Oracle audits, and audits of customers who switch to third-party support are negligible.

Who are the main providers of third party Oracle support?

The two global providers of third-party Oracle support are Rimini Street and Spinnaker Support. There are also several local providers offering similar services. To get the best deal, it is recommended to speak to both providers.

How do I switch to third-party Oracle support?

Review your Oracle licensing and contracts before switching to a third-party provider to ensure compliance. It is recommended to start the process at least six months before your Oracle support renewal is due. If you have an active Oracle ULA, you must certify it before moving to third-party support. It is essential to work with an independent Oracle licensing advisor and not someone affiliated with the third-party provider, as their advice may not be unbiased.

Is Oracle Third-Party Support Legal?

Yes, Oracle Third third-party support is legal. The Oracle license agreement allows customers to use third-party support providers if they comply with Oracle’s licensing terms and conditions.

What are customers' most common mistakes when switching to third-party support?

Customers should not solely rely on the third-party provider’s licensing assessment, as it may not be unbiased. They should also be cautious of partners of the third-party provider, as their advice may not be neutral or impartial.

Why should Oracle customers review their licensing before switching to third-party support?

Customers should review their Oracle licensing before switching to third-party support because they may need to purchase additional licenses before switching. If they are found non-compliant with their Oracle licensing terms, they may be required to buy rights to become compliant before moving to third-party support.

Can I switch to third-party support if I have an active Oracle ULA?

Customers with an active Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) must certify the agreement before moving to third-party support. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of the ULA to ensure compliance before making the switch.

What Is possible to negotiate with Oracle Third-Party providers?

You can negotiate the amount you pay; the 50% of what you paid Oracle is highly negotiable. This article has a few good tips on how to deal. You can also negotiate decreased clauses.

Can we move our Oracle PeopleSoft to support by a third party?

Yes, Peoplesoft, supported by third-party providers is one of the most common transitions.

How to move to a third-party support provider

third party support oracle

Redress’s Oracle Third-Party Support Transition Service

Redress offers a comprehensive service to help your company transition safely to Oracle third-party support. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Oracle License Assessment: We thoroughly review your current licenses and contracts to identify compliance issues.
  • Customized Transition Plan: We provide a tailored plan for your move to third-party support, which includes recommended providers and a transition timeline.
  • Oracle Communication Assistance: We guide you through the process of communicating with Oracle about your switch to third-party support. This includes advice on terminating existing support agreements and managing ongoing communication with Oracle.
  • Risk Mitigation: Our service is designed to give you peace of mind by ensuring compliance with Oracle licensing terms, thereby minimizing the risk of legal action or fines.
  • Customizable Service: We tailor our third-party Oracle License Compliance Service to meet each company’s unique needs.

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Are you considering a switch to Oracle third-party support? Let Redress guide you through the transition safely and effectively.

Our expert team is ready to comprehensively assess your current Oracle licensing and contracts and develop a customized transition plan for your business.

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