Oracle software asset management – ServiceNow

Oracle software asset management – ServiceNow

servicenow for oracle software asset management

If you are trying to determine the right solution for Oracle license compliance, you should use a product such as ServiceNow. The product features include CMDB, license metrics, and integrations with third-party apps.  If you’re considering an asset management solution for your Oracle software, make sure to read our ServiceNow reviews first.




With the Oracle SAM Pro application, IT managers can manage and optimize their environment by identifying and removing unauthorized software. Using ServiceNow for Oracle SAM Pro, IT managers can optimize the environment, coordinate the off-boarding process for new employees, and determine compliance with Oracle products. It is also possible to get information about usage of Oracle products by integrating third-party discovery sources. A few of its key features are detailed below.

SAM Pro is a relatively new entrant in the SAM market, but it has already established itself as a leader in the Magic Quadrant in Gartner’s 2022 SAM Tools report. This application tracks and evaluates software licenses, manage entitlements and ensure compliance. The Content Library contains tons of software publishers and common license metrics. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Unlike other SAM tools, ServiceNow for Oracle SAM Pro supports multiple license types, including VMs, e-books, and software. ServiceNow SAM Pro integrates with multiple platforms, enabling IT managers to manage all software assets across all platforms. Its SAM Pro product is a popular choice in North America. The company is well-established in IT service management, which is why they’re attempting to expand into the SAM space with this new application. ServiceNow is known for its ability to streamline the management process, track software licenses, and automate manual tasks.

While SAM programs can be challenging, the success of an initiative depends on the level of executive support. Executive-level executives need to understand the current state and the existing solution before making decisions on how to proceed. People, processes, and policies are critical to any successful program. It’s important to select the right partner and ensure the staff is knowledgeable in SAM. You’ll want to find a company that has a history of success, is able to handle a variety of projects, and has a high level of customer support.





ServiceNow for Oracle software asset management CMDB enables companies to manage their software assets by tracking software licenses, evaluating compliance, and optimizing software. The San Diego release of the product enables users to optimize Oracle license positions and reconcile software installs across various virtualization technologies.

With the ITAM module, you can manage all aspects of product lifecycle. From server to workstation, ServiceNow provides a complete IT asset management solution. It also offers ITOM visibility, including ITOM data. ServiceNow can handle asset creation, including identifying the right devices and ensuring that all processes and tools are running smoothly. The system can even automate the creation of new devices. ServiceNow ITAM is London Certified.

When choosing the right solution for your company, be sure to consider the number of features it includes. The software is designed to provide comprehensive asset management, including financial and contractual details. It also has an ITAM data repository, enabling regular asset assessments. A good asset management system should also have integration with other applications, including SAP, JD Edwards, and ServiceNow. If you are looking to make your ITAM management as easy as possible, consider ServiceNow. You won’t regret it. It’s an excellent option for any company that wants to make its IT assets more effective. It’s also compatible with other popular asset management systems, including ServiceNow and Fixed Assets Enterprise.

ServiceNow for Oracle software asset management CMDB can easily integrate with other ITSM tools. By automating processes, ServiceNow automates the lifecycle of hardware, software licenses, and cloud resources. It can automate repetitive tasks and enforce regulatory compliance automatically. The solution also connects people to process workflows to simplify processes. For example, users can create configuration item records and view them in the CMDB.



License metrics


The Software model provides the ability to monitor the licensing usage of Oracle software. For example, you can see how many licenses are consumed by each named user or physical machine, and the total number of rights consumed. You can also see which licenses have been used during reconciliation, as well as which ones have not been used at all. This information is useful if you are managing multiple Oracle products across many different locations. The Software model also allows you to see how many licenses are needed to support the number of users using each product.

To understand how many licenses your organization needs, you can use the per-core (with CAL) license metric. This metric measures the total number of installations and OSEs that are currently licensed in your Oracle environment. A license is only valid for a number of processors or devices, and the total number of installations cannot exceed the maximum number of rights. This metric is useful for determining if you need to upgrade your Oracle software or to remove older versions.

The Number of Users per Processor metric is the first step in identifying which licenses you need. The software asset management solution will then allocate the appropriate number of licenses based on this number. By default, the software is licensed by the number of processor cores. However, you can change this metric by selecting another metric in the Servicenow for Oracle software asset management solution. This way, you will know how many licenses you have left.

The number of Oracle databases and software servers in your environment will be visible on the license usage report. The list includes information on physical servers, virtual machines, and processor cores. You can also see the number of Oracle database options and management packs you need. The CPU clock speed is an indicator of how much the system is being used. It helps you manage your license usage more efficiently. The number of Oracle database instances depends on your infrastructure.



Integrations with third-party apps


With its enterprise applications, Oracle is bringing the power of data collection and analysis to companies’ manufacturing, operations, and supply chain processes. The new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services make it easy to connect to any data source or application, centralizing management, and automating end-to-end processes. These capabilities are aimed at simplifying hybrid and multi cloud operations. As a pioneer in app integration, Oracle also exposes APIs for developers and third-party partners to create new business models.

The latest cloud-based integration solution from Oracle aims to make life easier for enterprises by offering a single unified platform for process automation, development, and analytics. With Oracle Cloud integration services, enterprises can easily mesh data from third-party apps and IoT devices and analyze the results.

Third-party integration applications for Oracle software asset management provide actionable insights for IT teams. They identify the software assets on CIs and build a payload that is sent to ServiceNow via an IRE REST API endpoint. Once the payload is received, it is inserted into ServiceNow tables. This is an essential feature for any enterprise. Integrations with third-party apps for Oracle software asset management, whether hosted or cloud-based, are a key part of the success of any organization.



Auditing vendors


Using ServiceNow for Oracle software asset management auditing will ensure compliance with software licensing regulations. The ServiceNow License Dashboard helps estate owners prepare for their Oracle audit. With more than 30 fields of detailed information, the Oracle Infrastructure Report is comprehensive and easy to understand. Information includes processor core factor information, partitioning types, and restricted-use terms. It also provides details on database instances, including those with options turned on but not being used. Using ServiceNow for Oracle software asset management auditing vendors helps to optimize costs and avoid unnecessary IT resources.

Some of the most notable SAM auditing vendors include OpenText and Flexera. While they claim to do a great job of auditing, some clients have concerns. For example, OpenText recently issued a “Cease and Desist” order to a client, requiring the company to remove all access to the software within ten days. This company plays hardball, but the benefits are significant.

Oracle and ServiceNow are partners and have partnered together to simplify licensing. ServiceNow’s service helps Oracle customers manage and maintain their Oracle software assets. ServiceNow helps customers identify and analyze the most effective license position for Oracle and other vendors. With a ServiceNow audit report, IT departments can see how they stack up against license compliance requirements and potential savings. ServiceNow reports do not replace Oracle license audits. Oracle will still analyze usage data to ensure compliance with Oracle licensing.


ServiceNow Oracle


ServiceNow is verified by Oracle as a tool, this means that ServiceNow has been given Oracle audit scripts. If you use ServiceNow Oracle module to manage Oracle licenses, you will have a copy of the raw output that Oracle LMS scripts provide. That is then given to Oracle instead of you running Oracle scripts as you have already done so if you are using ServiceNow. There are both benefits and drawbacks with being verified by Oracle.



If you have the expertise to analyze the raw Oracle LMS script output, you can easier understand your Oracle licensing.


It is MUCH easier for Oracle to audit you, as you have already run their audit tools on your environments.


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