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  • 6 steps to take before moving your Oracle support to 3rd party

  • It is not uncommon that we come across companies that have “rushed” to third party support and a year later are audited by Oracle or realize that they need additional licenses. The ones that are found to be non compliant are then forced to pay back-dated support and new licenses to cover the gap. Which means that all the money they paid to the 3rd party support provider became a cost as they are forced to pay for the years they left Oracle support. We recommend you work with Spinnaker and Support Revolution as in our opinion they have the most cautious approach to the delicate move to third party. We have seen too many horror stories about companies moving to Rimini Street.

  • 6 common mistakes companies make when exiting their Oracle ULAs

  • In this article we are giving advice to companies how to succeed with their Oracle ULAs. It’s pretty simple really, you need to have someone help you on the Oracle LMS script analysis and combination of someone who knows the ULA process inside and out and will be able to provide invaluable advice for your discussions with Oracle.

  • Why Oracle VMware licensing policy is still bad news

  • You might have heard that Oracle LMS and some “pro-Oracle” licensing firms have been saying that you should work with Oracle LMS to solve VMware licensing. This is our take on it. It is not only a bad deal, it is also absurd.

  • Oracle Licensing: 5 steps how to make your SAM tool work for you

  • currently only way of getting a true licensing position is to use Oracle LMS scripts or similar. Licensing firms are able to analyse the script output for you and can tell you exactly what Oracle LMS will find. By doing that you will make any existing SAM tool more effective as you will know where the tool has gaps and what it does well.

  • Oracle Licensing: 3 reasons why you cannot trust your SAM tool

  • A must read if you want to understand why Oracle is difficult for all SAM tool vendors. No, a SAM tool cannot give you more than a 80% accurate licensing (only on database). First step to a successful Oracle SAM strategy, is to understand what tools are doing right/wrong. Key is to think of your SAM tool as a “tool” and not a solution. You need to find-tune your tooling to make it effective in your day-to-day job.

  • 5 “must-ask” questions before entering your Oracle ULA

  • We are talking in other articles how important it is to review licensing. In this article we talk about what you cannot measure, your strategy. Some advice for companies who are either considering a ULA or thinking about renewing an existing one.

  • 4 mistakes to avoid when reviewing your Java licensing

  • We are talking in other articles how important it is to review licensing. In this article we talk about what you cannot measure, your strategy. Some advice for companies who are either considering a ULA or thinking about renewing an existing one.

  • How to avoid “a forced” ULA renewal.

  • If you are an Oracle customer, you MUST review licensing with scripts. If you use a tool that cannot do Middleware and are only 80% correct. Oracle will ask you to run their scripts and that 20% gap will be discovered. Next step is a new ULA proposal that will cost more than the previous one.

  • 22 "must ask" questions in an Oracle license audit

  • This article will help you to take control of your next Oracle license audit and put restrictions on what can be audited. Which will result you in saving time and money. As we are not aware of any company who likes spending time in an Oracle license audit.

  • Who has the best Oracle contracts?

  • This article tries to help readers to approach your next Oracle purchase. It is not always the largest Oracle customers that has the best pricing or business terms. It also covers 6 reasons why you need to focus on contract terms as highly negotiated licensing or cloud agreement sometimes can provide more savings than any discount level will do.

  • 5 ways companies are licensing Oracle in VMware environments

  • If you ask any experienced Oracle licensing consultant, what is the most common question from companies when it comes to Oracle licensing? The most likely answer is virtualization. Has there been a more hotly discussed licensing topic for any vendor? This article shares 5 different ways how you can create a strategy for Oracle licensing in VMware environments.

  • How to select the Oracle Licensing Services Provider

  • For a prospective buyer it can be very difficult to understand the differences as almost every consultant will say they are experts at Oracle licensing, optimization, negotiation. This article provides some practical advise on how to see if the services provider can deliver on what they promise.

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