About Redress Compliance

  • Where are you based?

  • We are based in several EU countries, but we have clients in 19 countries spanning across EU, US and APAC. 90% of the work and sometimes 100% is done remotely. Every client engagement is different. We often have key meetings onsite but then the consulting work is done remotely.

  • How do you help me with licensing?

  • its fairly easy, we can work with whatever method you preferr, we can analyse Oracle LMS scripts, we can use SAM data and/or many Oracle Software products needs manual review.

  • Which products can you help me with?

  • All Oracle Technology including Database, Middleware. Applications we can analyze Siebel, Oracle EBS and JD Edwards. We can also review Java licensing.

  • Do you resell any software?

  • No, we do not resell any software or earn any money. We are also not an Oracle partner. We want to be able to provide independent advise.

  • How long does an Oracle licensing review take?

  • it depends on your Oracle estate, but a good rule of thumb is that most Oracle licensing reviews are fully completed within 90 days.

  • What is your pricing based upon?

  • Our pricing is primarily based on your needs, some things will always remain the same such as project management, project kick off and status meetings. But workload will depends on the number of Oracle databases you have, the number of Oracle middleware servers and or your production environments for Oracle EBS, Siebel and JDE.

  • How much can i expect an Oracle Licensing Review to cost?

  • Anything from 10,000 € - 75000 € - much depends on the size of your Oracle estate and the scope of work

  • Do you work on a fixed fee or time and material basis?

  • We are open to both, however we prefer fixed fee to provide you and us with predictability.

  • I already work with an SAM provider, why would i consider you?

  • Review our videos, articles and compare if your SAM provider have the same capability. Also all of our consultants have more than 10yrs+ of dedicated Oracle license management experience.

  • Do you have client references available?

  • We sure do, anything from 1000 employees to over 100 000 employees.

  • If I work for an SAM provider or legal firm, and one of my clients need help with Oracle licensing – can we work together?

  • Absolutely, simply contact us and we can discuss partnership/collaboration

  • How are you different from other SAM providers in the market?

  • We believe in sharing knowledge, that is the core of our company. Not to be afraid of sharing knowledge is a sign of strength. In all of our projects knowledge transfer to our clients is important. We want not only leave a ”license report” we also want our clients to be able to prevent compliance issues in the future.

Redress compliance are experts at Oracle License Management.

We have the best licensing minds in the business combined with contract experts delivering Oracle license management services to clients in 19 countries.

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