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Pros and Cons of Oracle ASFU (Application Specific Full Use) License

Pros and Cons of Oracle ASFU:


  • Flexibility: More freedom in software access compared to ESL.
  • Cost-Effective: Often cheaper for embedding Oracle in specific applications.
  • Simplified Licensing: Tailored for specific applications, reducing complexity.
  • Resell Opportunities: Allows bundling and reselling with Oracle embedded.


  • Restrictions: Software use is still limited.
  • Audit Risks: Potential for rigorous Oracle audits.
  • Long-Term Costs: Initial savings might be offset by future costs.
  • Dependency: Ties you to Oracle’s ecosystem.

Pros of Oracle ASFU License

Pros of Oracle ASFU License
  1. Flexibility: Unlike the more restrictive ESL (Embedded Software License), ASFU offers more software access and modification flexibility.
  2. Cost-Effective: For ISVs that need to integrate Oracle products into their applications, ASFU can be a more cost-effective licensing model than standard licenses.
  3. Simplified Licensing: ASFU licenses are application-specific, which can simplify the licensing process and reduce the complexity of managing multiple licenses.
  4. Resell Opportunities: ISVs can bundle and resell their applications with embedded Oracle products, potentially opening up new revenue streams.
  5. Support and Updates: ASFU licenses often include Oracle support and regular updates, ensuring the embedded Oracle products remain current and secure.

Cons of Oracle ASFU License

  1. Restrictions: Although ASFU is less restrictive than ESL, it still has limitations, especially concerning the specific applications in which Oracle products can be embedded.
  2. Audit Risks: Oracle is known for its rigorous audit processes. ASFU license holders might face audits to ensure they comply with the license terms.
  3. Long-Term Costs: While ASFU might be cost-effective initially, the long-term costs, especially if the application scales or evolves, can be higher.
  4. Dependency: Embedding Oracle products can lead to a dependency on Oracle’s ecosystem, which might limit flexibility in the future.
  5. Complexity: Understanding and adhering to the terms of the ASFU license can be complex, especially for ISVs unfamiliar with Oracle’s licensing intricacies.


The Oracle ASFU license offers a unique opportunity for ISVs to integrate Oracle products into their applications.

However, weighing the pros and cons is essential to determine whether it fits a specific application or business model.

Consulting with licensing experts or legal counsel can provide clarity and ensure compliance.


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