Why should you work with Redress Compliance?

Why should you work with Redress Compliance?

Redress’ Oracle license expert Morten Andersen explain why customers to Oracle should work with Oracle license experts



Why do people like you have a job?

There are a number of reasons why we have a job. First of all, Oracle is very difficult to work with and there’s very little handholding on Oracle’s side, they are transactional. Clients need someone to understand their situation and make ends meet when it comes to Oracle. And then of course, Oracle software is very, very expensive and Oracle is very good commercially in terms of pressuring their customers, so there’s a lot of money to be saved.

What do you mean by expensive? Can you give an example?

A standard Oracle database license is 50 K dollars and on top of that, you have your yearly maintenance. Very, very quickly if you need to license a server or any sort of environment, we quickly run into the millions. And then we’re not even adding on the options and whatnot you have in connection to that.

But you’re based in Sweden and I’m a UK company, or I’m based in France and there’s many localized partners here. Why should I work with you?

You should work with the ones who has the most experience and the most knowledge on Oracle and that’s us.


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Posted on September 1, 2019