Oracle Audit Negotiations – How to win – 2022

Oracle audit negotiations can be very emotional and tense, as you and Oracle most likely does not agree with
the audit report findings. But you can also negotiate the scope of the audit.


Oracle audit negotiations


Oracle Audit Negotiations require that Oracle customers obtain in-depth Oracle licensing expertise.
You will need to fully understand how to calculate Oracle licensing, how Oracle licensing policies around
virtualization, cloud, disaster recovery works and how to articulate an Oracle license audit defense.

Oracle will steamroll Oracle customers who lacks the necessary expertise and you will negotiate from a much
higher value than you would if you had the Oracle licensing expertise.


Oracle license audit negotiations on a high level


  • Recieve Oracle License Audit Report (prelminary)
  • Confirm acceptance and inform Oracle that you do not agree with findings
  • Find someone to help you review the report (2nd opinion) this should be an ex-Oracle auditor.
  • Find the errors that Oracle LMS has done, and use them in your negotiation.
  • Oracle LMS always assume worst case licensing models, an Oracle license expert can help you understand which is the most optimal for you.
  • Understand the different criteria of non-compliance, Oracle views them differently internally – but they dont tell you which ones are more severe than others.
  • Dispute the report with facts and Oracle licensing knowledge.
  • Oracle and you will agree to disagree and you will most likely negotiate from a 90% lower amount than initial findings showed.
  • Review the terms and conditions and make sure you recieve appropiate discounts.


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Oracle License Audit – how to take control


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Posted on November 13, 2020