Oracle vs Rimini Street: A Legal Battle Simplified

Introduction to Oracle vs Rimini Street.

The legal battle between Oracle and Rimini Street is a significant software licensing and support event.

This article aims to simplify the complex legal jargon and present a clear understanding of what transpired between these two tech giants.

Oracle vs Rimini Street

Understanding the Players

Before diving into the lawsuit, let’s understand who the players are:

  • Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation specializing in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud-engineered systems, and enterprise software products.
  • Rimini Street: A third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software. They offer support services for Oracle software at reduced costs compared to Oracle’s support services.

The Crux of the Lawsuit

In 2010, Oracle sued Rimini Street for copyright infringement. The crux of the lawsuit was that Oracle accused Rimini Street of illegally copying its software to provide support to customers. Oracle argued that this act violated its copyrights.

The Verdict

In 2015, a jury found Rimini Street liable for copyright infringement, and the company was ordered to pay $50 million in damages to Oracle. However, Rimini Street appealed the decision.

The Appeal and Final Judgment

The case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Rimini Street on a portion of the lawsuit related to the award of “non-taxable costs.” This ruling reduced the final judgment from $50 million to $35 million.

What Does This Mean in Simple Terms?

In simpler terms, Oracle claimed that Rimini Street was using its software in ways that weren’t allowed, essentially copying it without permission. On the other hand, Rimini Street argued that they were just providing a service to customers who already had the right to use the software.

The court initially sided with Oracle, ordering Rimini Street to pay a hefty sum. However, upon appeal, the Supreme Court found that part of the money Rimini Street was ordered to pay wasn’t justified, leading to a reduction in the fine.

Key Takeaways from Oracle vs Rimini Street

  1. Importance of Understanding Software Licensing: This case highlights the importance of understanding the terms of software licensing agreements. Misinterpretation or violation of these terms can lead to legal issues.
  2. Third-Party Support Risks: While third-party support services can offer cost savings, risks include the possibility of copyright infringement.
  3. Legal Precedent: The Oracle vs Rimini Street case sets a precedent for how copyright laws are interpreted in the context of software licensing and support.


The Oracle vs Rimini Street lawsuit serves as a reminder of the complexities of software licensing and the potential legal pitfalls that companies can face. It underscores the importance of understanding licensing agreements and the potential risks associated with third-party support services.

Whether you’re a software provider or a customer, staying informed about such legal battles can provide valuable insights and help you navigate the complex landscape of software licensing.


  • Fredrik Filipsson

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