Oracle Verrazzano Licensing and Pricing Guide


Oracle Verrazzano Licensing and Pricing Guide

Oracle Verrazzano’s licensing works as follows:

  • Processor-Based Licensing: The licensing is based on the processor count in the Kubernetes clusters where Verrazzano images are used.
  • Virtual Machines Consideration: The number of processors in virtual machines is determined according to Oracle’s Partitioning Policy.
  • Admin Cluster Exclusion: Nodes in a Kubernetes cluster used solely as a Verrazzano Admin cluster and not running managed workloads are excluded from processor count for licensing.

What is Oracle Verrazzano?

What is Oracle Verrazzano?

Oracle Verrazzano is an enterprise container platform. It provides a unified approach to deploying, managing, and securing applications across different environments, including on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Key Features of Oracle Verrazzano

Oracle Verrazzano comes packed with features designed to simplify application management.

These include:

  • Unified Management: Manage microservices and traditional web applications from a single platform.
  • Multi-Environment Support: Deploy and manage applications across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.
  • Security: Built-in security features to protect your applications and data.

Oracle Verrazzano Licensing

Oracle Verrazzano Licensing

For Oracle Verrazzano, the licensing is based on the number of processors in the nodes in the Kubernetes clusters where Verrazzano images are pulled.

Here are the key points to remember:

  • Processor Count: The number of subscriptions required is determined by counting all processors in the nodes in the Kubernetes clusters where Verrazzano images are pulled.
  • Virtual Machines: If any Kubernetes node is a virtual machine, then the number of processors on that node is subject to the guidelines documented in the Oracle Partitioning Policy.
  • Admin Cluster: When a Kubernetes cluster is used as a dedicated Verrazzano Admin cluster, and no managed workloads are run in it, nodes in that cluster can be excluded from the count of processors that require a subscription.

Pricing Structure

Oracle Verrazzano Premier License comes with a fee and a specific license metric:

  • License Fee: The Oracle Verrazzano Premier License fee is $26,500.00.
  • License Metric: The license metric is the Physical CPU Pair.

Support Services

Oracle Verrazzano Premier support services are available with specific guidelines:

  • Initial Support: Oracle Verrazzano Premier support services are available for systems with two physical CPUs.
  • Additional Support: For systems with more than two CPUs, you must purchase an additional support subscription for every additional Physical CPU Pair on the system. Oracle refers to this as “stacking.”
  • Mandatory Support: You must purchase Oracle Verrazzano Premier support services for all the physical CPUs on the systems where you will run Oracle Verrazzano.

Prerequisite Support Services

Oracle Linux Premier or Oracle Linux Premier Limited is a prerequisite for Oracle Verrazzano Premier.

You must purchase Oracle Linux Premier or Oracle Linux Premier Limited support services for the same systems you are purchasing Oracle Verrazzano Premier support services.

In conclusion, understanding Oracle Verrazzano’s licensing and pricing structure is crucial for effective budgeting and resource allocation.

By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines, you can ensure your organization gets the most out of this powerful enterprise container platform.

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