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Oracle Unlimited License Agreement Audit – A Deep Dive

The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement audit is a critical process that every Oracle customer must be prepared for.

This audit involves declaring the quantities of Oracle ULA software you deployed during the ULA term, which is then converted into fixed quantities.

The customer is contractually obliged to do this, and the amount and type of data to be shared can vary depending on the contract. Some parts are also negotiated, and the audit does not look the same for every customer.

This article will guide you through the Oracle ULA audit process, providing key insights and practical tips to help you navigate this complex procedure.

The Oracle ULA Audit Process

The Oracle ULA audit process follows a specific sequence of steps:

  1. Oracle will ask if the end customer wishes to certify or renew their ULA.
  2. The end customer indicates they want to certify.
  3. Oracle issues a certification letter that needs to be signed by your C-level executive, confirming the quantities of ULA software you have deployed.
  4. Oracle will ask you to complete a global deployment report, equivalent to a license deployment report.
  5. If you have deployed on VMware, Oracle will ask that you run PowerCLI.
  6. If you have deployed on Cloud, Oracle will ask which platform, the install date of the instance, and so forth. This step differs depending on your contract language.
  7. Oracle will ask that you run the LMSCollection Tool script to validate the deployments.
  8. If Oracle validates the processors, your ULA is certified.

How long does the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement audit take?

This process can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months, depending on the size of your Oracle estate and if any issues are found.

For Redress Compliance, as we know how to complete the documents and know what to answer Oracle – our clients will certify their ULA quickly.

FAQs on Oracle ULA Audit

What happens if I under-count during my Oracle ULA certification?

If you under-count during your Oracle ULA certification and accept your figures, you may face compliance issues if Oracle later finds you have more processors than reported. It’s always safer to overestimate if there are any uncertainties about quantities.

Based on my Oracle ULA exit numbers, will my support costs increase?

Your support costs will not increase based on your Oracle ULA exit numbers. They will only increase by 0-8%, as with all other support agreements that you have with Oracle.

Is there a deadline to provide Oracle with my exit numbers?

While you must report your Oracle ULA numbers within 30 days of the contract ending, this is not a “hard deadline.” We have helped companies that have provided data 5 months after the Oracle ULA ends.


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