Oracle ULA services

We help clients to enter, manage and exit the Oracle ULA agreement. Oracle has a process for every step of the ULA lifecycle and so should you. Common challenges are getting the certification process wrong and then suffering a forced and costly renewal of the ULA. Managing the ULA throughout its term is another problem area where Oracle license expertise is needed to control and remediate compliance issues before they spiral out of control.


  • ULA business case assessment: We help you to make the business case for entering, renewing or exiting the ULA. We also guide you on potential alternatives to the ULA.
  • ULA certification: We guide you throughout the certification process and help you complete the global deployment report. We advise you on cost avoidance and how to maximize your Oracle licenses.
  • Compliance: We provide and analyze Oracle styled audit scripts which will give you an accurate understanding of your license position.
  • Remediation: We advise you on compliance issues and how to resolve them.
  • Oracle ULA management: We help you to establish best practices for scripting, inventory tools and we educate internal stakeholders.
  • ULA contract review: We evaluate and grade each contract item in your ULA and advise you on what to include and what not to include.
  • ULA negotiation: We benchmark offers and share market knowledge.


Redress compliance are experts at Oracle License Management.

We have the best licensing minds in the business combined with contract experts delivering Oracle license management services to clients in 19 countries.

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