Oracle third party support readiness service is for companies who are planning to move one or all their Oracle technical support contracts to a third-party support provider for Oracle software, this includes but are not limited to Spinnaker or Rimini Street.

Oracle third party – licensing risks


If you are going to terminate your Oracle technical support contract, you should review your licensing as additional license purchases after support termination comes with a costly support reinstatement penalty.


If you do not review your Oracle licensing, you will be paying the third-party support provider for support for licenses that you do not use.


Oracle audit threats are real if you move to a Oracle third-party support provider. Make sure that you are confident in your Oracle licensing position and that you do review your Oracle contracts to make sure nothing prevents you from terminating support.


Independence – we recommend you to rely on an independent company like Redress Compliance for advise if a move to a third-party support provider is feasible. Using third party support providers own licensing services or their partners will not give you independent advice.

Oracle third party support service benefits

We are former Oracle LMS staff who have the capabilities to use and review Oracle’s official audit scripts. You will run the scripts on your Oracle servers, and we analyze the output and inform you about your license compliance risks. We also carefully review your Oracle contracts and combine it with the script analysis to make our recommendation on your transition to third-party support. If there is a red flag, we will give you a solution for what to do before you terminate your Oracle support contract.

Oracle third party support readiness service includes

Independent internal Oracle software license audit, conducted with an independent advisor to give you a full Oracle licensing position.

A review of Oracle contracts, high lightening any risks we see before moving to a third-party provider.

Recommendations on how to remediate any license deployment or Oracle contractual issues we discover.

Help with your communication strategy to Oracle if you decide to terminate your support contract.

We make you audit ready. if Oracle selects your company for an audit, you can be assured that you are compliant.’

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management

Redress compliance are experts in Oracle License Management. Redress is recognized as the leading Oracle licensing experts providing Oracle license compliance, Oracle audit defense, Cloud transition and Oracle ULA services. Serving clients in 41 countries across The US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Japan and Brazil.

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