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Oracle Support Levels Uncovered: Benefits and Features

The three different levels of Oracle support are:

  • Premier Support: Offers comprehensive maintenance and software upgrades for Oracle products for five years from their general availability date, including 24/7 technical support.
  • Extended Support: Provides additional support for specific releases beyond the Premier Support phase, typically for three more years, with an added fee.
  • Sustaining Support: This option is available indefinitely after Premier and Extended Support, offering access to existing patches and documentation.

Oracle Premier Support: Understanding Its Role and Features

oracle premier support

Introduction to Oracle Premier Support

When considering Oracle Premier Support, it’s essential to understand its purpose and why it plays a critical role in maintaining Oracle software and hardware.

Here are three key points:

  • Essential Service: Oracle Premier Support ensures that Oracle products are up-to-date and functioning optimally.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: It offers comprehensive maintenance and software upgrades.
  • Support for Diverse Products: The support extends across a wide range of Oracle offerings, including databases, middleware, and applications.

Reducing Oracle Support Fees: Strategies and Options

Reducing Oracle Support Fees

Managing Oracle support fees effectively can lead to significant cost savings for your organization.

Here are some strategies to consider:

Move to Third-Party Support Providers

  • Cost-Effective Alternative: Third-party support providers often offer similar services at a fraction of the cost of Oracle Premier Support.
  • Expertise and Customization: These providers may offer more personalized support services tailored to your needs and business context.

Stop Paying Support and Go Unsupported

  • Risks vs. Benefits: Choosing to forego support entirely can cut costs but comes with risks, including no access to updates, patches, or Oracle expertise.
  • Considerations: This option might be viable for non-critical systems or where in-house expertise can be managed without Oracle support.

Move Away from Oracle

  • Exploring Alternatives: Shifting to alternative platforms or software solutions can reduce reliance on Oracle, potentially lowering overall costs.
  • Migration Planning: This requires careful planning to ensure compatibility, data integrity, and minimal disruption to operations.

Work with an Oracle Expert for License and Contract Optimization

  • Expert Guidance: An Oracle licensing expert can help review and optimize your contracts and agreements.
  • Identifying Savings: They can identify unused licenses and opportunities for consolidation and negotiate better terms, leading to substantial cost reductions.

Each of these strategies comes with its considerations and potential benefits.

It’s crucial to weigh them against your organization’s specific needs, capabilities, and long-term IT strategy to make an informed decision.


Oracle Premier Support strongly emphasizes security, ensuring that Oracle products are safeguarded against potential vulnerabilities.

  • Layered Security Approach: Security measures are implemented at every layer of the Oracle stack, from applications to hardware.
  • Ownership of Security Updates: Oracle’s control over its software source code enables timely development of security updates.
  • Regular Security Updates: Critical patch updates and alerts are part of Oracle’s commitment to maintaining software security.

Comprehensive Coverage

Oracle Premier Support provides extensive coverage across Oracle’s product range, ensuring that all aspects of Oracle software and systems are adequately supported.

  • Unified Support for All Products: A single support entity offers a streamlined experience for all Oracle products.
  • Tax, Legal, and Regulatory Updates: Regular updates keep your Oracle systems compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Priority Handling and Rapid Response: Standard features include priority service request handling for software issues and quick onsite hardware service.

Oracle Premier Support for Software and Systems

Understanding the distinction between Oracle Premier Support for Software and Systems is crucial for Oracle customers.

  • Software Support: Includes updates, technical assistance, and resources for maintaining and optimizing Oracle software.
  • Systems Support: Focused on maintaining system availability and supporting business applications.

Oracle Premier Support plays a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity and performance of Oracle products.

Oracle solutions are essential for any organization because of their comprehensive support, trusted service, and robust security features.

Benefits of Choosing Oracle Premier Support

Oracle Premier Support stands out as a comprehensive support solution, offering many benefits to its users. Here are the key advantages:

  • Increased Availability: Oracle Premier Support is available 24/7, ensuring that help is always available. This includes priority handling for service requests, ensuring rapid response times.
  • Expertise in Product Support: Users gain access to a range of services, including health checks, maintenance advisors, and product information centers, all designed to maintain and enhance the performance of Oracle products.
  • Enhanced Security and Risk Management: The service includes regular security updates and alerts, helping businesses stay protected against evolving cybersecurity threats.
  • Investment Protection: Oracle Premier Support is part of Oracle’s Lifetime Support, offering extensive coverage and peace of mind over the long term.
  • My Oracle Support: This portal provides access to an extensive knowledge base, proactive support tools, and a community of experts. It’s a valuable resource for reducing issue resolution times and gaining insights into best practices.

Comparison: Premier vs. Extended vs. Sustaining Support

oracle Premier vs. Extended vs. Sustaining Support

Understanding the differences between Oracle’s Premier, Extended, and Sustaining Support phases is crucial for making informed decisions about your Oracle support needs.

Premier Support

  • Duration and Services: Premier Support typically covers five years from the general availability date of an Oracle release. It includes software updates, new releases, proactive support tools, and 24/7 service.
  • Focus on Current Products: Premier Support is ideal for maintaining up-to-date Oracle systems with the latest features and security.

Extended Support

  • Extended Availability: This support phase may extend for three years beyond the Premier Support phase for specific releases.
  • Additional Fee: Extended Support comes with an additional cost but provides continued peace of mind for businesses not ready to upgrade to the latest Oracle release.

Sustaining Support

  • Long-Term Assurance: Sustaining Support is available if you maintain your Oracle program licenses.
  • Limited Offerings: While it includes access to existing patches and documentation, new patches or certifications are unavailable under Sustaining Support.

Each support phase is designed to cater to different business needs, from staying at the forefront of technology with Premier Support to maintaining older systems with Sustaining Support.

Understanding these options helps businesses plan for the future and ensures their Oracle systems are supported throughout their lifecycle.

Oracle Support Policies: Understanding the Essentials

Oracle Support Policies Understanding the Essentials

Oracle’s support policies encompass various terms and conditions directly impacting how organizations use and pay for Oracle services.

Critical aspects of these policies include the repricing policy, annual support increase, and the cost difference between Extended and Premier Support.

Oracle Repricing Policy

  • Definition: The Oracle repricing policy comes into effect when changes are made to your Oracle software licenses, such as reducing the number of licenses or changing the type of license.
  • Impact on Support Fees: Upon such changes, Oracle may recalculate your support fees, typically leading to an increase in the per-unit cost of support. This is because Oracle’s support fees are often based on volume, and reducing license count can increase the per-unit support cost.

Oracle Annual Support Increase

  • Regular Increments: Oracle typically increases its support fees annually. The increase is usually a percentage of the existing support fee.
  • Budget Planning: Understanding this annual increment is crucial for budget planning and long-term cost management of Oracle products.

Cost of Oracle Extended Support vs. Premier Support

  • Extended Support Fees: The cost of extended support is generally higher than Premier Support’s.
  • Additional Fee: Users opting for Extended Support can expect to pay an additional fee over their Premier Support costs. This fee often ranges from 10% to 20% more than the cost of Premier Support, but it can vary based on specific Oracle agreements and products.
  • Considerations for Transition: Organizations should carefully consider the timing and financial implications of transitioning from Premier to Extended Support, mainly as the latter offers continued updates and support for older Oracle releases.

Understanding these policies is essential for Oracle users to make informed decisions and manage their support costs effectively.

It’s always advisable to consult with Oracle experts or third-party advisors to navigate these policies and optimize your Oracle support strategy.

Top 5 Recommendations for Maximizing Oracle Premier Support

Top 5 Recommendations for Maximizing Oracle Premier Support

Maximizing the benefits of Oracle Premier Support involves understanding and effectively utilizing its wide array of features and resources.

Here are the top five recommendations:

  1. Stay Proactive with Updates and Patches: Regularly implement Premier Support’s latest updates and patches. This enhances security and ensures your systems run the most efficient version of Oracle software.
  2. Utilize the My Oracle Support Portal: Engage actively with the My Oracle Support portal. Submit and track service requests, leverage the extensive knowledge base, and participate in the My Oracle Support community for expert advice and peer insights.
  3. Engage in Regular Health Checks: Utilize the health checks and maintenance advisors available through Premier Support. These tools help identify potential issues before they become problems, ensuring smoother operations.
  4. Plan for the Future with Upgrade Advisors: Use the support’s upgrade advisors and documentation to plan and implement upgrades efficiently. This ensures your Oracle environment remains modern and can handle evolving business needs.
  5. Leverage priority service request handling for urgent issues. This ensures quicker resolutions, minimizing downtime and business impact.

FAQs about Oracle Premier Support

Q: What exactly does Oracle Premier Support cover?

A: Oracle Premier Support provides comprehensive maintenance and software upgrades for Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Applications. It includes 24/7 technical support, security updates, and proactive support tools.

Q: How long does Premier Support last for a particular Oracle product?

A: Premier Support is typically available for five years from the general availability date of an Oracle release.

Q: Can I access Oracle Premier Support for all Oracle products?

A: Yes, Premier Support covers a wide range of Oracle products, including databases, applications, and middleware solutions.

Q: Is there a dedicated platform for managing support requests?

A: Yes, the My Oracle Support portal allows users to submit and track service requests, access a comprehensive knowledge base, and engage with community experts.

Q: What happens when Premier Support for a product ends?

A: Once Premier Support ends, you can move to Extended Support (if available) for additional coverage or Sustaining Support for continued access to existing resources and documentation.


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