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Oracle Software Asset Management Program for Partners?

Introduction to Oracle Software Asset Management Program for Partners

  • Eligibility: This article unpacks Oracle’s Software Asset Management Program, which is strictly available to companies with formal partnership agreements with Oracle.
  • Unclear Benefits: We’ll delve into the ambiguous advantages of the program, including the notable absence of a “no-audit” clause.
  • Caution Advised: The article emphasizes the need for caution due to Oracle’s interpretations of its complex licensing rules, suggesting the consideration of independent firms for a more customer-centric approach.

What is Oracle’s Software Asset Management Program?

Oracle’s Software Asset Management Program is an initiative aimed at helping Oracle partners manage and optimize their software assets. This program is not a new concept but has been relaunched after an unsuccessful attempt in 2022.

Key Features

  • License Management: Helps in keeping track of Oracle licenses.
  • Optimization: Aids in utilizing Oracle software to its fullest potential.
  • Compliance: Ensures that Oracle partners are adhering to Oracle’s licensing policies.

Who is Eligible for This Program?

Strict Eligibility Criteria

The program is exclusively available to companies with formalized partnership agreements with Oracle. These companies also act as resellers of Oracle software, which means they are vested in promoting Oracle’s products.

What Are the Benefits?

Unclear Advantages

While the program promises to offer various benefits, the exact perks remain ambiguous. One glaring omission is the lack of a “no-audit” clause, even if you are diligent about submitting license reports to Oracle.

Why You Should Be Cautious

Oracle’s Interpretation of Rules

Companies opting for this program will be bound by Oracle’s interpretations of its licensing rules and policies. This could be problematic because Oracle’s licensing rules are not straightforward and leave room for multiple interpretations.

Ambiguity in Licensing

Oracle’s licensing isn’t black and white, meaning many crucial licensing issues can be interpreted differently than Oracle’s viewpoint.

Alternatives to Consider

Independent Firms

If you’re looking for a more customer-centric approach, consider working with an independent firm that interprets licensing challenges from the end customer’s perspective.


Is the Oracle Software Asset Management Program new?

No, it’s a relaunch of a program initially introduced but failed in 2022.

Who is eligible for this program?

Only companies that have formal partnership agreements with Oracle are eligible.

Does the program offer a "no-audit" clause?

Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a “no-audit” clause in the program.

Is it advisable to join this program?

It depends on your specific needs and how comfortable you are with Oracle’s interpretation of its licensing rules.

Is Redress Compliance an Oracle partner?

No, we believe in being independent of Oracle and Oracle competitors to provide advice that is in the best interest of our clients and not in Oracle or any other vendor making money off Oracle.

Are there alternatives to this program?

You can consider working with independent firms offering a more customer-centric approach to Oracle licensing.

What is the danger of working with a Oracle partner that is participating in this program?

At worst, they inform Oracle about any licensing shortfalls or at best, the advice they provide to you is based on Oracle’s interpretation of licensing rules and policies.

Is there any certifications required to participate in Oracle partner program for Software Asset Management?

Strangely, there are no formal requirements to have any Oracle licensing knowledge, which is required to be certified by IAITAM. It has little value when it relates to Oracle licensing knowledge. There are, however, requirements that you follow and provide advice based on Oracle licensing and its policies.

In conclusion, Oracle’s Software Asset Management Program for partners has limitations and caveats.

While it may seem attractive for Oracle partners, it’s crucial to fully understand its implications before committing. Oracle’s licensing landscape is notoriously complex, and you’ll want to ensure you’re making the best decision for your organization.


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