Oracle Processor Core Factor Table – Oracle license calc

Oracle processor core factor table is a crucial paper you need to assess when calculating just how to license Oracle database version products, including Oracle all of Oracle technology products such as, Oracle WebLogic Enterprise products. The core factor also cover Java subscriptions.


core factor table


What is the Oracle Processor core factor table?

This is a file where Oracle is detailing the licensing core-based licenses that clients need to apply when calculating the number of Oracle licenses are required for items that are licensed per core.

Oracle standard edition 2 and various other Oracle standard edition version products are licensed per occupied CPU socket and do not utilize the core factor table when calculating Oracle licensing requirements.

How to exactly calculate Oracle licensing costs

Just how to calculate Oracle licensing for venture version products Oracle licensing is based upon hardware, what kind of processor that the web server is running and also how many physical cores are inside of the processor.

If we intend to license Oracle Database Enterprise edition on a server that has 1 processor of Intel ES-16XX CPU with 8 cores.


Action 1 – Find that details processor type in Oracle core factor table.
Action 2 – We can identify that is has a licensing factor of 0,5 per core.
Action 3 – Increase the physical cores (8) with the licensing element 8x 0,5 = 4
Action 4 – We understand now that this server needs us to accredit with 4 Oracle processor licenses
of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition

How much does the Oracle license cost?

We make use of the very same instance as above; we require 4 Oracle processor licenses.

Action 5 – Check out Oracle Price list.
Action 6 – We can see that Oracle Database Enterprise Edition  – 1 processor license is 47,500 $ plus yearly technical 10,450 $.
Action 7 – If you want to choose this details specific server to license, you determine 4 x 47,500 $ = 190 000 $ in Oracle license costs plus the annual support.


Remember that Oracle database EE edition options licensing needs you to match the exact same quantities as well as processor metric as you license Oracle database EE edition.


Oracle licensing calculator


The Oracle processor core factor table functions as an Oracle licensing calculator.
First you processor type that you want to use in the table, review the licensing factor. Next step is then multiplying the licensing factor the number of cores in in all the physical processors in the server that you wish to deploy Oracle upon. The result will then tell you how many Oracle processor licenses that is required for that specific server.

Formula for calculating Oracle licensing is Core Factor x Physical core = Oracle Processor license.


What is an Oracle processor license?


An Oracle processor license is a license type that is the result of someone applying the core factor table with the number of cores and the result is an “Oracle Processor license”


Oracle core factor table for AWS?


For Oracle in AWS, Azure or OCI. Oracle do not use the core factor table, but instead you review the “Licensing Oracle software in the cloud computing environments”. Oracle has granted AWS and Azure the right to sub capacity license and license with vCPUs. Pay attention that GCP and any other cloud provider does not have these rights.


Oracle core factor table for virtual machines?


Oracle has two different methods for how to license Oracle in virtual environments. Some virtualization technology they allow you to only license on sub capacity, those technologies are called “hard partitioning technologies”. Any other virtualization technology that is not listed as hard partitioning Oracle partitioning policy document, are all deemed soft partition such as VMWare and means you need to license the full server, clusters or many clusters of servers. It applies for Java subscriptions too.


How to calculate cores in an unlimited agreement?


You do calculations  you would outside of an Oracle ULA, you count every physical core where you have Oracle installed and running. .

If you need an Oracle licensing expert, we can help you make sure that count the licenses correctly. If you want to know more about our sevices, schedule an consultation.



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