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Oracle Licensing Socket – How to calculate

Oracle Licensing Socket

Oracle Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation that provides software to manage, develop and distribute information systems. Oracle software is widely used globally, and its licensing terms are critical to ensure the software is used legally and ethically.

One such aspect of Oracle licensing is the “socket.” In this article, we’ll discuss what an Oracle licensing socket is, how it works, and everything else you need to know about it.


The term “socket” in Oracle licensing refers to the number of physical CPU sockets on a server. A CPU socket is a physical interface between a computer processor and the motherboard. Oracle licensing requires a separate license for each socket on a server that runs Oracle software.

The main purpose of using the socket count in licensing is to ensure the software is used on the correct number of physical servers.

This helps to protect the intellectual property of Oracle and ensure that its customers are using the software in compliance with licensing agreements.

Oracle Licensing for Beginners

Oracle Licensing Socket

The Occupied physical sockets refer to the number of CPU sockets on a server. The number of physical sockets on a server determines the licenses required for the Oracle software.

How Does Oracle Licensing Socket Pricing Work?

The pricing of Oracle licenses is based on the number of occupied processor sockets on a server. The more sockets a server has, the more licenses are required to run the Oracle software. The cost of the licenses is determined by the number of sockets, the type of software, and the number of users that will be accessing the software.

For example, two licenses will be required if a server has two physical sockets.


In conclusion, understanding the Oracle licensing socket is critical for Oracle software businesses, by understanding the concept of physical and virtual sockets and how they determine the number of licenses required. Oracle standard edition products are generally licensed per processor socket, and enterprise products are core based licensed.


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