Redress Compliance are independent Oracle licensing experts helping companies with Oracle licensing and cloud licensing challenges. 

Our Oracle licensing experts


Our Oracle licensing consultants are recognized Oracle licensing experts. All started their career in Oracle LMS or Oracle sales. Our experience in Oracle license management ranges from 10-25 years. When becoming our client, you benefit from our combined experience of over 300 Oracle license audits, helping over 100+ companies undergo Oracle ULA certification or Oracle ULA renewal. Our Oracle licensing consultants can also support you with Oracle Java licensing, Oracle on VMware, Oracle support reductions, Oracle EBS and how to move to third party support for Oracle.


Independent Oracle licensing and cloud advisors


We are independent Oracle licensing and cloud advisors. We are unique in that way that we have no partnerships with Oracle or Oracle competitors. The advice we give you on moving to Oracle cloud, Oracle on AWS, Oracle on Azure, Oracle on GCP or on Oracle Java is not influenced by partnerships with Oracle or their competitors. You can trust that the advice we give you is in your interest and is not steering you to Oracle or away from Oracle.


Oracle licensing experts available worldwide


Redress Compliance as the leading Oracle license management firm. We have supported clients in 41 countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Wherever you are located we have consultants who can support you in your time zone.


Oracle License Management Services


Our Oracle license management services have been designed and improved using our decades of experience in Oracle licensing, Oracle audit defense, Oracle ULA certifications, Oracle ULA renewal, Oracle support reduction, Oracle negotiations and Oracle cloud licensing.

The services are built on a combination of Oracle LMS and Oracle license experiences to help shape your Oracle license management strategies.

If you are an Oracle customer who just received your Oracle audit letter, we can quickly support you with an internal Oracle software license audit. That way you will know your Oracle licensing before the official Oracle license audit begins.

If you are an Oracle customer with an active Oracle ULA and you want to exit, we can help you with the Oracle ULA certification. If you want to renew your Oracle ULA, we can help you in your Oracle ULA renewal process to make sure you get the best deal possible.

If you want to move to Oracle cloud or run-on Oracle AWS, Oracle azure or even Google cloud we can help you make sure you are choosing the right Oracle cloud strategy.

If you are migrating Oracle EBS to Oracle Fusion, we can help you understand what you need to purchase in terms of Oracle cloud services while ensuring compliance with your Oracle EBS licensing and obtaining best results in your Oracle cloud negotiation.


How to hire our Oracle licensing experts


If you need expert help, you can hire us as your independent Oracle license expert. Read how to work with our Oracle license experts.  to better understand how we support clients with Oracle license audit defense, Oracle ULA certification, Oracle ULA renewal, Oracle cloud licensing and other Oracle license management consulting services. Make our Oracle licensing experts a part of your team.