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Oracle licensing consultants – How to find the right one

Oracle licensing consultants – How to find the right one

I only realized how complex this topic was as it became clear that I had misunderstood other service providers’ capabilities and delivery models.

Suppose I work in this tiny world if I can’t understand the differences.

How will prospective buyers find an Oracle licensing expert they can trust to deliver independent advice on Oracle licensing and cloud?

In this niche business, there is often a front figure doing the selling, but then it turns out that whoever is doing the delivery is a junior consultant or offshore resource.

You can argue that it is like you buy a shiny brand-new car, but when you get it delivered, it is not the same car, or the performance is not what you expected during the buying process.

Oracle Licensing consultants  – Delivery model

Find out their service delivery model before signing an Oracle licensing services contract. Is it the person who you are talking to in a pre-sale conversation or will the project be led by someone else?

Recommendation: Ask for Oracle licensing consultant names to be included in the SOW.

There are three types of service providers in this market.

  1. The ones with a front figure do the selling, but junior consultants do the work with limited experience or similar offshore resources. Then they also use the same resources for advisory.
  2. The ones that use offshore resources for data analysis (Oracle LMS script review) and then have a more experienced advisory consultant presenting and advising the client.
  3. Last, a few do all with experienced consultants without offshoring or delegating to junior staff.

What are the criteria for selecting an Oracle licensing consultant?


The analysis of Oracle LMS scripts is important; getting it wrong with just a few % means that you, as the client, could pay millions in avoidable licensing fees to Oracle. Many Oracle licensing consultants offer this with different degrees of quality. For example, Oracle Database LMS script analysis is the easiest, and SAM tools get it right with 80% – which is not enough if you know Oracle software pricing.

If you need help with Oracle LMS script analysis for Oracle Middleware and Applications, including Oracle EBS, Siebel, and Primavera, that knowledge is hard to come by.

Redress compliance can offer independent Oracle licensing advice.

Independent Oracle licensing advice

Oracle partners and resellers are signing multiple partner agreements with Oracle, binding them contractually to work together on sales opportunities.

Many Oracle partners and resellers are reselling Oracle software licenses and get kickbacks if you consume Oracle cloud services.

Reasons why you should pick Oracle licensing consultants who are independent

  • Ensure they don’t share any information with Oracle about your Oracle licenses and or cloud strategy.
  • Ensure that the advice from the Oracle licensing expert is in your company’s best interest and not theirs.
  • Not notify Oracle about any non-compliance within your company’s Oracle software estate.
  • I am sure there are honest Oracle partners & resellers who do not share information with Oracle, but why take the risk?
  • Independent advice on Oracle cloud licensing will enable you to pick the best platform for you and not steer you toward the platform that offers the highest kickback or partner incentive.

You can request a meeting here if you want to speak to an independent Oracle licensing expert.


  • Fredrik Filipsson

    Fredrik Filipsson possesses 20 years of experience in Oracle license management. Having worked at Oracle for 9 years, he gained an additional 11 years of expertise in Oracle license consulting projects. Fredrik has provided assistance to over 150 organizations worldwide, ranging in size and tackling various Oracle licensing challenges, including Licensing Assessments, Oracle audits, Oracle ULAs, and more.