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Oracle Licensing Consultants – How to Find the Right One

An Oracle Licensing Consultant is a specialist who:

  • Advises on Oracle software licensing, compliance, and optimization.
  • Helps navigate Oracle’s complex licensing agreements and rules.
  • Aids in audit defense and negotiation with Oracle.
  • Ensures cost-effective use of Oracle products.
  • Provides expertise on Oracle licensing policies and changes.

Selecting the Right Oracle Licensing Consultant

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Understanding the Delivery Model

  • Pre-Sales vs. Post-Sales Reality: Be aware of the differences between the Oracle licensing consultant who sells the service and the one who delivers it. Ensure consistency and quality from start to finish.
  • Types of Service Providers:
    1. Front-Figure Selling: Providers are where experienced consultants make sales, but the delivery is done by junior staff.
    2. Offshore Analysis with Experienced Advisory: Firms use offshore resources for data analysis and experienced consultants for advice.
    3. All-Round Experienced Consultants: Firms employing experienced consultants throughout the process, without offshoring or delegating to junior staff.

Criteria for Choosing a Consultant

  • LMS Script Analysis Expertise: Ensure the consultant has a strong track record in accurate Oracle LMS script analysis.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Look for expertise beyond Oracle Database, including Middleware, Applications, EBS, Siebel, and Primavera.

The Importance of Independent Oracle Licensing Advice

oracle licensing consultants
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Ensure the consultant has no vested interest in Oracle sales, ensuring unbiased advice.
  • Protecting Confidential Information: Confirm that the consultant will not share sensitive data with Oracle.
  • Objective Cloud Licensing Advice: Seek advisors who guide you toward the best solutions for your organization, not those driven by kickbacks or vendor incentives.

What are the criteria for selecting an Oracle licensing consultant?

Selecting the right Oracle licensing consultant involves carefully considering several critical criteria to ensure effective and accurate Oracle License Metric Script (LMS) analysis.

This detailed analysis is fundamental, as even a slight error can result in significant, unnecessary licensing costs for your organization.

  • Accurate Oracle LMS Script Analysis:
    • Essential for preventing avoidable expenses.
    • Even minor errors can lead to significant costs.
  • Expertise in Different Oracle Products:
    • Oracle Database LMS Script Analysis: This is generally more straightforward, and most software asset management (SAM) tools can achieve around 80% accuracy.
    • Oracle Middleware and Applications: Oracle EBS, Siebel, and Primavera require specialized knowledge.
  • Choosing a Consultant:
    • Look for consultants offering comprehensive and accurate Oracle licensing advice.
    • Ensure they have expertise across various Oracle products, not just the Oracle Database.

Focusing on these critical areas can help you find a consultant who offers in-depth and accurate Oracle licensing advice tailored to your organization’s needs.

Independent Oracle licensing advice

Independent Oracle licensing advice

Oracle partners and resellers are signing multiple partner agreements with Oracle, which contractually bind them to work together on sales opportunities.

Many Oracle partners and resellers are reselling Oracle software licenses and get kickbacks if you consume Oracle cloud services.

Reasons why you should pick Oracle licensing consultants who are independent

Advantages of Independent Oracle Licensing Consultants:

  1. Confidentiality: They are committed to not sharing information about your Oracle licenses or cloud strategy with Oracle.
  2. Unbiased Advice: Their guidance focuses solely on your company’s best interest rather than their own.
  3. Privacy in Compliance Matters: They do not report any non-compliance issues within your company’s Oracle software estate to Oracle.
  4. Freedom from External Influences: While many Oracle partners and resellers maintain integrity, choosing independent consultants eliminates the risk of information sharing with Oracle.
  5. Objective Decision Making: Independent consultants provide unbiased advice on Oracle cloud licensing, helping you choose the most suitable platform without the influence of kickbacks or partner incentives.

Oracle Licensing Consultant FAQ

  1. What qualifications are important for an Oracle licensing consultant?

    Look for consultants with Oracle certifications, extensive experience in Oracle environments, and a deep understanding of Oracle’s licensing policies.
  2. How long does a typical Oracle licensing consultation last?

    It varies depending on the complexity of your Oracle environment and specific needs but can range from a few days to several weeks.
  3. Can consultants help negotiate Oracle contracts?

    Yes, experienced consultants can leverage their knowledge of Oracle licensing to negotiate more favorable terms and pricing.
  4. What are common pitfalls without a consultant?

    Overpaying for licenses, non-compliance risks, and underutilizing purchased licenses are common pitfalls that can be avoided with expert advice.
  5. How do Oracle licensing consultants charge?

    Consultants may charge a flat fee, hourly rates, or a percentage of the savings achieved through their consultation.
  6. What is the typical ROI from hiring a consultant?

    The ROI can be significant, including license cost savings, compliance assurance, and optimized Oracle software utilization.
  7. How do consultants keep updated with Oracle’s policies?

    Consultants often participate in Oracle training, attend industry events, and network with Oracle professionals to stay informed.
  8. Can consultants assist with compliance audits?

    They can prepare and guide your business through Oracle audits to ensure compliance and minimize financial risks.
  9. What’s the difference between a consultant and a reseller?

    Consultants provide advice on licensing and compliance, whereas resellers are authorized to sell Oracle products directly.
  10. Are industry-specific considerations important?

    Yes, certain industries may have unique licensing needs and compliance requirements that experienced consultants can navigate.
  11. How does experience with Oracle Cloud benefit clients?

    Consultants knowledgeable about Oracle Cloud can help clients leverage cloud solutions effectively, ensuring cost-efficiency and scalability.
  12. What success stories do consultants share?

    Look for case studies demonstrating their expertise in resolving complex licensing issues and delivering cost savings.
  13. How do consultants assist with software asset management?

    They can help implement strategies for managing and optimizing Oracle licenses across the organization.
  14. Can consultants offer licensing training?

    Some consultants provide training sessions to help in-house teams understand Oracle licensing complexities.
  15. What are key Oracle licensing trends?

    Cloud adoption, changes in licensing rules, and increased focus on compliance audits are current trends to watch.

Expert Oracle Licensing Support at Your Fingertips

  • Former Oracle License Auditors: Benefit from the insights of experienced professionals.
  • Comprehensive Services:
    • Accurate licensing reports.
    • Specialized advice on Oracle licensing topics.
  • Global Reach, Remote Delivery: Serving over 200 clients in 41 countries, all services are delivered remotely.
  • Schedule a Consultation: Discuss how we can support your organization with our tailored Oracle licensing solutions.

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