Oracle license review – Best practices in 2022

Oracle license review – Best practices


A Oracle licensing review is difficult to get accurate and finding the right expertise is no easy task. Oracle customers have in 2022 still not solved the challenge on how to stay compliant with Oracle. Oracle are still conducting more Oracle software license audits than many other software vendors.

Oracle license review – what tools to use ? 

To achieve the best results of an Oracle license review, it is well known in the IT asset management industry that you should use the same tools / scripts that Oracle LMS (Audit org.) uses to audit their customers. You can replicate an Oracle license audit. Oracle customers are allowed to use the Oracle LMS scripts to measure your Oracle licenses.

Oracle license review process

  1. You run the Oracle LMS script on your servers running Oracle.
  2. You then provide the LMS script output to an Oracle licensing expert
    who can interpret the output and match it to Oracle licenses.
  3. Most analysis of LMS script takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
  4. It’s a 99% chance that you are out of compliance with your Oracle entitlements. Don’t worry 90%+ of that is not due to over-usage but simply mistakes in how you have deployed Oracle.
  5. When performing an internal software license audit under NDA, you have multiple options for how to remediate the financial risk.

Ex- Oracle LMS Auditors

The best Oracle licensing consultants are all ex-Oracle LMS. They worked at Oracle for several years and understand how Oracle interprets licensing policies. They know the weaknesses and strengths of Oracle license audits. They are also the best people to help you perform an Oracle license review.

It’s valuable for end customers who can draw on that expertise to assess the license compliance findings of the Oracle license review. The reason is Oracle licensing is not always black and white – there are many grey areas open for interpretation.


If the licensing firm have partnership agreements with Oracle, they are contractually bound to report sales opportunities to Oracle in quarterly sales meetings. Not every Oracle reseller or partner is sharing information with Oracle. However, if you want to be assured that the Oracle licensing advice you are given is in your best interest, find an independent Oracle licensing company as many Oracle customers have been burned by Oracle resellers sharing licensing review data with Oracle.

Redress is staffed by ex-Oracle employees who have decades of experience auditing customers on Oracle behalf and are now using their knowledge and expertise to help customers to conduct Oracle license reviews.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your company review your Oracle licensing.


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