Oracle License Expert – 5 reasons why you need one in 2024

Introduction: Why You Need an Oracle License Expert

Navigating the intricate world of Oracle licensing can be daunting.

An Oracle license expert can be invaluable if facing an Oracle audit, optimizing your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA), or aiming to reduce costs.

Here are five compelling reasons to consider:

  • Audit Defense: An adept Oracle license expert can potentially halt an impending audit, saving significant costs.
  • ULA Strategy: If you’re midway through your Oracle ULA and haven’t maximized its benefits, an expert can guide you, ensuring you get the most out of your agreement.
  • License Optimization: Instead of merely negotiating renewals, delve deeper. Understand which licenses you need and how to adapt to save money.
  • Support Reduction: Don’t rely solely on negotiation tactics with Oracle sales teams. An expert can show you more effective strategies to reduce Oracle maintenance costs.
  • Knowledge Empowerment: Equip yourself with insights equivalent to Oracle’s understanding of licensing models, contract terms, and pricing by having an Oracle licensing expert on your side.

Oracle License Expert

Oracle license experts can save your company millions by providing expertise around Oracle license management in critical and non-critical situations.

Not many worldwide know Oracle licensing, have worked at Oracle, and are then working as a consultant – it’s a handful.

What is an Oracle License expert?

oracle license expert

An Oracle license expert has spent decades working with different Oracle licensing topics.

Their focus may differ as Oracle has many product groups, including Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware, and Oracle applications.

It is difficult for anyone to be an expert in all Oracle products.

However, much of the foundation for licensing Oracle software is the same and can be applied across many product groups.

An Oracle license expert is generally accepted as someone who has worked at Oracle for five years and has at least 10-15 years of only working on Oracle licensing topics.

Why should an Oracle license expert be independent?

independent oracle license expert

Oracle is not different from other software vendors who have partnerships and reselling agreements with different companies.

It is not uncommon for account managers at Oracle partners/resellers to share information about possible compliance issues with Oracle. That, in return, leads to an Oracle license audit being sent by Oracle to the specific customer.

The most important reason you should work with someone independent – no matter how good-hearted the consultant may be – is that Oracle licensing is not black and white often.

There are many scenarios with grey areas if you should purchase an Oracle license. When you ask the consultant about his advice or recommendations, you want to be sure that the direction is not influenced or shaped by any incentive they may receive from Oracle.

The same goes for moving your Oracle workloads to a public cloud such as AWS, Azure, or Google.

It is widely known that these vendors offer incentives to Oracle licensing firms to recommend and steer clients in their direction while bad-mouthing Oracle’s cloud.

If you want to know the advice the Oracle license expert is giving on the cloud, pick someone who is not an AWS, Azure, or Google Partner.

Five Key Reasons to Consult an Oracle License Expert

  1. Mitigate the Risk of Oracle License Audits:
    • Engaging a top-tier Oracle license expert can significantly reduce the risks associated with Oracle audits. Their expertise can sometimes lead to minimizing or even nullifying additional costs imposed by Oracle in case of an audit.
  2. Maximize Oracle ULA Benefits:
    • If you’re amid an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) and haven’t fully leveraged it, an Oracle licensing expert can help review and maximize your licensing. In the critical last year of the ULA, their strategic guidance can be pivotal in ensuring successful outcomes.
  3. Optimize Oracle License Usage:
    • An expert can identify opportunities to save on licensing costs by renegotiating support and assessing and realigning your license usage with organizational needs. They can advise on the most cost-effective license models.
  4. Effective Oracle Support Reduction Strategies:
    • Contrary to common belief, negotiating with Oracle’s sales team rarely significantly reduces support costs. A licensing expert understands the nuances of Oracle’s pricing and can navigate negotiations more effectively.
  5. Gain Comprehensive Control Over Oracle Assets:
    • To match Oracle’s understanding of its licensing models, contract terms, and pricing, having an Oracle licensing expert on your team is beneficial. Their knowledge can empower your organization to make informed decisions regarding Oracle software assets.

Expert Oracle Licensing Support at Your Fingertips

  • Former Oracle License Auditors: Benefit from the insights of experienced professionals.
  • Comprehensive Services:
    • Accurate licensing reports.
    • Specialized advice on Oracle licensing topics.
  • Global Reach, Remote Delivery: Serving over 200 clients in 41 countries, all services are delivered remotely.
  • Schedule a Consultation: Discuss how we can support your organization with our tailored Oracle licensing solutions.

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  • Fredrik Filipsson

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