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Oracle Database@Azure – Oracle Licensing Benefits

Introduction Oracle Database@Azure – Oracle Licensing Benefits

  • Oracle Database@Azure is a collaboration between Oracle and Microsoft.
  • It allows Oracle customers to run their databases on Azure.
  • Options include: License Included or bring your own license.
  • This offers licensing benefits and cost savings, such as Oracle Support Rewards and Oracle BYOL Benefits.
  • The customer doesn’t need any contract with Oracle and can pay with Azure MAAC

What is Oracle Database@Azure?

what is oracle database@azure

Oracle Database@Azure represents a strategic partnership between Oracle and Microsoft. It’s designed to allow Oracle customers to run their Oracle databases on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

This collaboration aims to combine the best of both worlds, offering the robustness of Oracle’s database solutions with the scalability and efficiency of Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

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How to Use Oracle Database@Azure:

  • You can either own no licenses or not use BYOL and use the “License Included” option.
  • If you have existing Oracle licenses, you can use them as a BYOL option, including customers with Oracle ULAs.

Oracle Licensing Benefits:

oracle database@azure licensing
  1. Cost Efficiency: Migrating from Azure “native” to the Oracle segment on Azure can result in up to a 50% reduction in Oracle license requirements. This is due to the core factor and the fact that OCPU (Oracle CPU) is more potent than Azure’s native CPU.
  2. BYOL Advantages: With Oracle’s BYOL, customers can access diagnostic and tuning options at no extra charge. These are typically licensable products. However, if you transfer your EE DB license to Azure, you can utilize these products for free.
  3. Oracle Support Rewards: Oracle offers a unique program where customers can reduce their Oracle support fees based on their consumption. This can lead to a potential 25% reduction in support costs.

What’s the Catch?

oracle database on azure costs

The beauty of this collaboration is that there isn’t a catch, at least for now.

It’s a win-win situation for Oracle customers. Microsoft customers can seamlessly purchase these services using their Azure consumption commitments.

This means they don’t have to engage in any separate cloud agreement negotiations with Oracle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle Database@Azure?

It’s a service resulting from a partnership between Oracle and Microsoft, allowing Oracle databases to run on the Azure platform.

Do I need a Oracle license to use this service on Azure?

No, you don’t need a license. This option is also available as “license included”

Are there any hidden costs associated with migrating to Oracle on Azure?

Currently, there are no hidden costs. Customers might experience significant savings due to licensing benefits and Oracle support rewards.

Are the diagnostic and tuning options free with BYOL?

If you transfer your EE DB license to Azure, you can access these options at no additional cost.

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