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Oracle Database@Azure – 5 Oracle Licensing Benefits

azure / Azure SW Licensing

Oracle Database@Azure – 5 Oracle Licensing Benefits

Oracle Database@Azure – 5 Oracle licensing Benefits

  • Flexible short-term licensing options.
  • Improved feature with existing database migrations.
  • Substantial support cost reductions.
  • Customizable Oracle Cloud Processing Unit (OCPU) flexibility.
  • Improved audit preparedness and compliance.

Oracle Database@Azure Top 5 Oracle Licensing Benefits

Oracle Database@Azure Top 5 Oracle Licensing Benefits

1. Short-Term Licensing Flexibility

Traditionally, acquiring an Oracle database license, even for short durations, involved purchasing the license outright. This was often inefficient for short-term needs. However, Oracle Database@Azure revolutionized this approach.

Now, users can opt for a pay-as-you-go model, paying only for the license duration they need. This feature is particularly beneficial for projects with defined timelines or businesses experimenting with Oracle databases before committing long-term.

2. Migrating Existing Oracle Databases with Ease and Added Benefits

For businesses already utilizing Oracle on Azure, transitioning to Oracle Database@Azure is a logical step. This service isn’t just a migration of existing databases; it comes packed with additional features like diagnostics and tuning.

These complimentary tools enhance performance and provide deeper insights, making the Oracle experience on Azure more robust and efficient.

3. Significant Support Cost Reductions

One of the key financial benefits of switching to Oracle Database@Azure is the potential for significant support cost reductions.

For example, if a company spends $100,000 on Oracle Database@Azure and has a similar amount in an on-premises technology software support bill, they can reduce it by $25,000.

This 25% cost saving is a substantial incentive, particularly for businesses looking to optimize their IT budgets.

4. Oracle Cloud Processing Unit (OCPU) Flexibility

The OCPU system used by Oracle offers unique flexibility in customizing instances. This adaptability can lead to more efficient licensing usage than traditional Microsoft Azure instances.

By optimizing the OCPU feature, businesses can potentially reduce their licensing requirements, making Oracle Database@Azure a more cost-effective option.

5. Enhanced Audit Preparedness and Compliance

Compliance and audit preparedness are critical for businesses using licensed software. Oracle Database@Azure addresses this by offering a pathway to resolve licensing shortfalls identified during an assessment.

By migrating to Oracle Database@Azure, companies can ensure they remain compliant with Oracle’s licensing terms, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties.

These five licensing benefits demonstrate Oracle Database@Azure’s ability to offer flexible, cost-effective, and compliant database management solutions.

Whether for short-term projects, cost reduction, compliance, or licensing flexibility, Oracle Database@Azure presents a compelling case for businesses considering Oracle databases on a cloud platform.


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